Challenge to Change

The Challenge To Change: Leap Through The Karma Gap In this video I share, transparently and vulnerably, the gradual but tremendous process of personal transformation I went through during my transition of “calling” from Youth Empowerment to working with Transformational Leaders. I reveal why I made the decision, what learned, and how this might be […]

The Sacrament of letting go

The Sacrament of letting go In our September 26th eZine I shared a poem by Macrina Wiederkehr called the “Sacrament of Waiting” (see below) about a tree letting go. The poem really struck a cord with many readers who responded with stories about releasing old structures, relationships, emotions, beliefs, even leaving a wonderful home of […]

Unexpected Gifts

Unexpected Gifts Our intersecting human relationships can be miraculous for many reasons including the unexpected and unintended gifts they sometimes bring. We may only come to realize such gifts through hindsight and conscious contemplation. With the help of a skilled mentor, I recently I discovered a profound GIFT that my short relationship with baby brother […]

Angelic Presence

Angelic Presence Within the hours and hours of meditation during my 10-day silent “Timeless Wisdom Training” meditation retreat in Colorado in April, I experienced connection with an “Angelic Presence” of such intensity that it’s challenging to find language to talk about it. “Angelic Presence’ are the closest words I can offer to point to something […]

Activation statements

LIFE PURPOSE ARCHETYPE NUMBER ACTIVATION STATEMENTS Do you know your Life Purpose Archetype Number? If not, go HERE to find out. Below you will find the Life Purpose Activation Statement that corresponds to your Life Purpose.Before you read yours, I suggest you take a moment to bring all of your focus into the present and […]

Maiden Spirit Wisdom

Did you know that the “Life Blessing Institute” has offered women and girls’ empowerment programs and live events for almost two decades? These programs focus on feminine principles.The Goddess In Me Poems These poems were written during MAIDEN SPIRIT meetings, as mother-daughter collaborations, or by a girl herself, or as a group poem during which […]