Alignment with Higher Self

Even when we are not aware of our True Essence, the LIGHT is always there. It’s the deeper truth of who we are.

Guidance from Higher Self

As I was getting ready to visit a friend whose son had unexpectedly died only days before, I was drawn to wear one of my most cherished necklaces, a string of aquamarine beads with a pendant of Kwan Yin (Guanyin), the goddess of compassion. My heart burst with sorrow and joy simultaneously. I felt deep gratitude for the privilege of sharing tender moments of Grace filled presence with my brave, grieving friend. (May her son’s soul unfurl in freedom and his loved ones find peace in his passing.)

After our visit, on the way back to my car I was irresistibly drawn to enter an art gallery I’d never seen before. Walking in, I immediately experienced a sense of peace in what can only be described as the most surprisingly magical place. I was surrounded by plants, orchids, tropical fish, and…Kwan Yin…everywhere, including a Kwan Yin temple within the gallery!!!

I felt a holy shiver of realization as I remembered the moment of putting on the Kwan Yin necklace. Even though I didn’t recognize it at the time I had been influenced by guidance from Higher Self.

Alignment Principle and Practice

Over the past few months at Life Blessing we’ve been exploring some different components of the Alignment Principle and Practice. This month is dedicated to the alignment principle we call Higher Self Connect.

How do you nurture alignment with the embodiment of the vast, joyful, compassionate, flowing, creative, empowered energies of your Soul?

I use the term Higher Self to describe Soul, Essence, Universe, True Nature, God etc.. Our Higher Self connection can function like a toggle or dimmer switch. Whether turned on, off, or dimmed, the switch can be flipped anywhere and at any time. Even though the spark of Higher Self recognition is impossible to miss, it can be fleeting and very easy to forget. We need to be reminded over and over again until we attain a more clear and open stable state of being.

How do we more deeply make and maintain alignment with Higher Self every day? Regardless of our access, like the sun, Higher Self is always shining, singing, emanating pure love and joy even when obscured by clouds of distraction or emotion. Even when hidden by dark thoughts, or whatever blocks our view.

Common catalysts that turn the dimmer switch up can include absorption in the beauty of Nature and intentional spiritual alignment practices. Signs and synchronicities can also serve to flip the switch. It helps us realign with knowing: I am OK, where I’m supposed to be, doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

In this month’s Vlog, I interviewed Wise Woman soul sister, Joanna Present-Wolfe. Joanna is an acupuncturist and Soul Stream Practitioner on the topic. See our heartfelt discussion about Higher Self here!