Living In Alignment Changes Everything

“…When I’m in alignment and I first connect with someone…it just becomes so clear. OK, let’s start there…it really is about aligning oneself with the deeper part of them, their deeper wisdom, not that monkey mind, not the analytical brain, but that deeper part of them that is full of quiet calmness and wisdom, creativity…”

-Sheri Andon, Therapist and Soul Stream Practitioner

Living in alignment

Is giving yourself the gift of a daily alignment practice on your list today?

Do you sometimes feel your “monkey mind” has control of your life, but you’re not ready to give up on experiencing peace of mind?

In today’s video, I interview my soul sister, Sheri Andon, a recent graduate of the Soul Stream Method Certification Program. Before filming I asked Sheri what she’s realized, from 25 years as a therapist and our Soul Stream training, to be THE most important of all capacities and skills for facilitating potent transformation.

Without hesitation, Sheri replied, “Alignment!”

And, I couldn’t agree more.

Aligned and in Soul Stream we experience movement through each moment in a free flow of creative aliveness, content to be with what is, infused with energy-love-joy arising from an innerspring. We feel naturally intuitively guided, able to confidently make choices and do what we need to do. When challenges, triggers, and emotional disturbance of any kind arise, our understanding of the Alignment Principle and practices make it easier to process through whatever comes up, course correct when thrown off and find our way back into the stream more quickly.

Living in a state of Alignment is highly desirable but not always easy!!

We often resist the thing that will benefit us most.

After finishing the interview Sheri offered a few more things to say about resistance to alignment practice:

Even though the Alignment Practice feels so good, and creates lasting effects for me during the day, I often find that I hit up against resistance when it is time to sit down and begin. There are times when the process feels effortless, but there are also times when I sit down to align and it feels like I have to dig very deep, as if I am drilling deep into the earth to make a connection. The alignment practice is simple, but it is not always easy for me to do!

When I find myself in resistance to the alignment practice, I try not to resist my resistance! I notice the distractions in my mind that are making it hard to sit down and be still. I remind myself that a few minutes of focused attention on the alignment practice will help to sort through and prioritize the thoughts buzzing around in my head when I am done.

Some of the clients I have worked with had difficulty with the practice at first and resisted trying it. They found it hard to relax and follow the guidance. What I found is that, like any new neural pathway, the first time is more challenging, but when practiced a few times, it becomes more natural.

Our alignment practices

At the end of our interview, we discuss ways to bring ourselves, and our clients, into alignment and what opens up when we do, including our current favorite alignment practices. Here’s a glimpse of mine, Art Journaling!

We hope you enjoy our rich multi-layered conversation!

Our intention is to inspire a renewed appreciation for your capacity to choose and practice Alignment daily; and if you are a practitioner, coach, trainer, counselor, or anyone who guides others, to inspire you to teach and encourage those you serve to discover alignment practices that work for them.


“I’ve just been so privileged to be able to sit in so many sessions with so many human beings finally discovering their own alignment. For some it is the first time they experience the ability to withdraw focus from seeking guidance, healing, or anything from outside and are able to connect to their own. And as a practitioner, I feel this is actually our most important job, to help people find their alignment initially and then start developing their own inner communication and communion so it becomes automatic for them.”

-Georgette Star