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Jason & The Conduit

  When in your life have you noticed it felt easier (or you were tempted) to shut down your feelings rather than stay open to fully experiencing what was happening in the moment? How do we open ourselves to once again become a conscious conduit of the higher frequencies of love, wisdom, and healing? Jason’s […]

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High Vibe Success Key #2: Cultivate Unconditional Trust

  I’d like to tell you a little story… Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl child named Vasalisa. Tragically, her mom became deathly ill and before she died, she gave her daughter a secret and most precious gift: a tiny doll. She instructed her daughter to consult with the doll whenever she […]

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The Awakening Process

Awakening refers to the process of waking up from being programmed by society. We begin to realize the meaning of freedom, peace of mind, and happiness in daily living. Once you have freed yourself, it is challenging to go back to the norm. I have experienced many phases, layers and stages in my own Awakening […]

The messenger & master builder

By Melissa Shaw & Georgette Star “Meet the Archetypes” is an invocation and imaginative journey through the “9 Pathways of the Soul” dedicated to supporting your “being and becoming”. Every human being is on a life-long journey to learn and evolve skills and capacities along each one of these nine distinct archetypal pathways of human […]