The Elder & The Divine Child Within You: A Union of Wisdom and Power

We begin life as divine children of wonder, setting out on our soul’s journey through the world. Slowly saturated and shaped by influences of family and culture we learn to temper our innate sense of awe, and freedom of expression. Our ability to stay connected to the wonder child within fades. This journey, referred to […]

Wander, Focus, Rest: A path to embodied Aliveness

Life unfolds as a constant practice of staying in the corridor of aliveness. – Mark Nepo Any choice and action that helps us to become more unobstructed instruments of attunement, resonance, empathy, warmth, light, and love increases our ability to live in flow and fulfillment. It is also the most effective way we can energetically […]

Embrace Autumn Equinox With A Prayer

In the Northern Hemisphere where I live it’s almost the Autumn Equinox, (September 21st). A natural opportunity to align with a Cosmic moment in our solar system, the Equinox brings a perfect balance between night and day, darkness and light. The Autumn Equinox also invites us to consciously sync up with Mother Nature’s shift into […]

how might you life be different

Cultivating a Vision of Possibility: Empowering Women and Girls

Evolving an empowered vision of possibility for all women and girls to experience self-love and cultural respect in all stages and seasons of their lives. How might your life have been different, if there had been a place for you, a place of women? A place where other women, somewhat older, had reached out to […]

Empowering the Feminine Spirit

Humanity appears like a great-winged bird, the masculine wing more fully strengthened and the feminine weaker. We are flying and spinning through the universe out of balance…It doesn’t have to be this way and we can help! My Journey Empowering the Feminine Spirit & Invitation Here’s something you may not know about me, empowering the Feminine Spirit (energy […]