LIFE BLESSING - Soul Code Illumination Card Deck

Experience a deeper understanding of who you are, the meaning in your life experience, and how best to navigate it!

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They are a wonderful assist, and they bring a dose of beauty and play into my morning work routine. I made the mistake of reading some news of the world this morning and was feeling a bit distressed… I pulled “Luscious Security” and it helped me get grounded.

This Deck is a conduit for the journey through the 9 Pathways of the Soul.

I designed this Soul Code Illumination Card Deck to be used as a catalyzing tool for anyone on the path of Awakening. It includes an Alignment Suit for the daily practice of soul contact and intuition development.

You can use it to facilitate a personal daily Alignment Practice or as a powerful guidance tool for Transformational Leaders, Coaches, Healers, Trainers, and anyone who is working with individuals and/or groups towards their Awakening Process.

What if you could have greater clarity in daily circumstances and choices, as well as big life decisions?

The Soul Code Illumination Card Deck will initiate a deeper understanding of who you are, the meaning in your life experience, and how best to navigate it!

LIFE BLESSING - Soul Code Illumination Card Deck

Alignment Suit

Jewel of You, Ground of Being,

Heart Center, Conduit

Alignment Suit

Your SOUL CODE Illumination
Card Deck “Alignment Suit”
Prototype: Embody Light
Through The Jewel of You.

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LIFE BLESSING - Soul Code Illumination Card Deck

Number Archetype Suits

Archetype numbers

1 through 9

Numbers Suit

Your SOUL CODE Illumination
Card Deck “Numbers Suit”
Prototype: Number “5”
Transformation & Freedom

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LIFE BLESSING - Soul Code Illumination Card Deck

Master number Archetype Suits

Archetype numbers

11 and 12

Numbers Suit

Your SOUL CODE Illumination
Card Front “Numbers Suit”
Prototype: Number “2”
The Peace Maker In You.

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The Soul Code Illumination Card Deck will take you on a journey through the 9 Pathways of the Soul, as symbolized by Number Archetypes. The Number Archetypes, based on ancient knowledge of the Soul’s Journey through human experience, represent nine distinct realms of human development and opportunities to evolve and contribute.

The cards are a wonderful tool for sharpening your intuition and enhancing your ability to tune into inner guidance.


Once you complete the order form and purchase your cards you will be taken to a welcome page with immediate access to your virtual card deck. You’ll find suggestions for choosing cards as tools for transformation and evolution so you can get started right away.

You landed on our page today for a reason. Don’t miss this call to illuminate and heighten your understanding of yourself, life situations, and choices.

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Georgette Star, creator of the virtual Soul Code Illumination Card Deck, has been in practice as a Soul Stream Life Coach & Mentor and Method Trainer for over 35 years. She founded the Life Blessing Institute to help her clients and students take a leap of faith experience and facilitate real, lasting change.

“I knew this was my purpose in life, and I was committed to helping my clients attain their dreams and goals. The most beautiful part is that when you — as a coach or healer — learn how to be in your Soul Stream, you can teach those you serve how to be in theirs. As a result, your work together moves joyfully, freely, and effortlessly.” -Georgette Star

Georgette founded the Life Blessing Institute in 2004? after receiving her master’s degree in Creation Spirituality from Naropa and her Doctor of Ministry from the University of Creation Spirituality.

Georgette recently created the Soul Code Illumination Card Deck so she could offer a simple, playful tool anyone can use to explore the little known 9 Pathways of the Soul passed down from her mom, AKA Mother Love/Grandmother Shirley.

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It is our greatest pleasure to pass along a vast mystical body of knowledge, distilled into essence, in the form of a Card Deck. Our intention is to shine support and inspiration into your daily practice of living a consciously Soul Aligned and Illuminated lifetime.

Georgette & Mother Love

I want to live joyfully and freely


  • Each card is a mirror reflecting aspects of your human potential.
  • Using these cards to explore nine pathways will sharpen your intuition, increase awareness of your soul and empower you to fully align with your truth.


According to ancient wisdom, the 9 Pathways of the Soul can be symbolized by numbers:

1. Leadership
2. Peaceful Partnering
3. Self-Expression
4. Foundation
5. Progress
6. Relationship
7. Meaning
8. Manifestation
9. Contribution

There is no right way to use the cards. Instead, we offer suggestions on choosing your cards and using them as tools for lighting your daily path.

You can also design your own methods with the cards to gain insight into healing, knowledge, and guidance.

Each card includes a description, message, and activation.

Invite each card’s image and message settle into your heart. Let your intuition and wisdom be your guide how a card applies to you and that moment.


  • Alignment Practice
  • Daily Intention Setting
  • Topic Reading
  • Challenge As Opportunity
  • Relationship Clarity
  • Creativity Simulator

Intuitive guidance and coaching can cost hundreds of dollars a month! Access the deck TODAY for our introductory price of $27. Inspiration will be accessible every time you reach for it. No appointments are necessary.

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Who is this deck for?

  • The Soul Code deck is for anyone seeking guidance on daily decisions. We aim to take out some of the decision fatigue and empower you to lean into trusting your intuition. If you’re someone who faces multiple choices a day, the deck will take some of the stress off, feeling like you must have an answer ready. The cards give you a tool to help access soul guidance and create the future you desire.
  • The Deck can be useful as a powerful guidance and teaching tool for Transformational Leaders, Coaches, Healers, Trainers, and anyone who work with individuals and/or groups to support their Transformation Journey.

Here’s what Joanna Present Wolfe, LAC, LLC has to say about using this tool with her acupuncture patients.

How is this different from other decks?

  • The images and descriptions on the cards are based on years of successful personal, coaching, and mentoring experience of a third-generation numerologist using the nine pathways of the soul for personal evolution and transformation.
  • The deck not only has the cards that represent the 9 distinct pathways of the soul, it also includes a suit of alignment practice cards. These cards will help you identify with Higher Self, establish Ground, access your Heart Center and activate yourself as Conduit.
  • The online Soul Code deck is accessible from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device any time, any day you are online. There are times when a virtual card deck is especially beneficial such as when you are at the office, at a restaurant, or traveling when using a physical card deck would be awkward or impossible.

Are refunds available?

  • Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.


Where would you be six months from now if you didn’t struggle with small decisions and instead put your focus on creating the future you want?

Don’t wait for a sign from the universe! Answers and direction can be at your fingertips any time you want guidance.

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