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High Vibe Success Key 8: Look Up, Out…And In

When too caught up in life’s details, worries, or frustrations, sometimes all we need to regain peace of mind is to shift and expand to a cosmic view! Today’s blog is dedicated to (HVSK)High Vibe Success Key #8, Look Up, Out…and In. As another important key to High Vibe Success and Soul Stream Living, this […]

High Vibe Success Key #6:The Miracle Field & Your North Star

I absolutely believe in the power of focused intention to create successful outcomes. To that end, for many years now I have created what I call a North Star Vision-Intention Statement. The aim of this practice is to center my focus within the Miracle Field of Possibility for my life. I always begin work with […]

I’m about to REVEAL…

Dear Brilliant Soul! I have a special invitation for you. I’m about to ‘reveal’ the essence of the “9 Pathways of the Soul” during an interview with dear friends Deborah Hawkins and Lyanca Reyna on their Surprise Summer Interview Series: REVEAL! As I’ve discussed in past eZines and in online courses, the “9 Pathways of the Soul” can be revealed […]