the path of an open heart

The Power Of An Open Heart

Valentine’s Day was last week. Even if you see it as a commercial holiday, February has become a month dedicated to remembering LOVE for many.

How would your life change if you set the intention to open your heart? To fall in love with someone or something at least 3 times a day if only for a moment, starting with yourself?

I’m in awe of our human potential to open our hearts to love and to heal heartbreak when we experience the painful illusion of the loss of that love. Our evolutionary heart-work of learning how to keep the heart open and energy freely flowing up into the higher energy centers is not easy!!!!

It takes a fierce commitment to become more loving, generous, compassionate, empathetic, kind, appreciative, and service-oriented. It takes a sacred dedication to authentically connect with a limitless source of Love within. The key for me in this fierce commitment, this sacred dedication, is to choose patience and compassion for myself and others, over and over again.


Recently, amid an illness, I had a renewed and deepened perspective that I want to share with you. More than ever, it is important to recognize we do have a heart chakra/center that has a function, but this is not who we are.

We are SOUL/or the witnessing consciousness aware of the heart’s experience. We can turn our heart switch on and off. On the path of heart evolution, we can learn how to keep our hearts open and energy flowing regardless of our life experiences.

When we close the heart, we simultaneously lock up unprocessed pain, grief, resentment, blame, and hurt which creates an energetic block. Heart blocks, rocks in the river of our soul-stream, interfere with the free-flowing of Life Force/Spirit/Shakti/ Chi.

Rather than shutting down and closing the heart to avoid feeling the grief, fear, and/or anger of heartbreak, we can learn to process the inevitable pain of disappointment, loss, and the hurts of life. With an open heart, Life Force moves freely from the nurturing presence of the Earth through the heart chakra into the higher centers. We connect with the true and lasting source of all love, wisdom, power, and beyond.

  • When we open our hearts, we discover our capacity to feel and heal is crucial to our well-being and ability to contribute to others.
  • When the heart is unblocked, open and fed from an internal source we naturally give from the overflow. We are also available to receive!

My dad gave me my first shiny red heart-shaped box of Valentine’s chocolates when I was in kindergarten, and I’ve been celebrating LOVE every February 14th ever since. In my Sunday school, I was told that God is Love. This made so much sense to me then and it still does to this day, though my ideas of what Love is and means have matured and evolved as I have matured and evolved.

Whatever the reason or meaning, any chance to celebrate LOVE (and the Source of Love) works for me!!!

Wherever and whenever you are inspired to celebrate LOVE, I hope it works for you.

When the heart is open, we feel like a fountain flowing freely of understanding, forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, joy, and desire to serve that requires nothing from others.

With an open heart, we naturally want to give a secret valentine’s message “You Matter” to everyone if we could. Well, maybe we just did.

In today’s (4 minute) video I take you on a little Heart Walk About in my home to check out heart art I’ve collected over the years and a blessing for your own healing, evolving, beautiful heart. Also, in this video I share a heart rock given to me by a man in Sedona. Here’s a Youtube link so you can meet him.

The following poem that came through in meditation to my friend and Life Blessing editor/co-conspirator, Melissa Shaw. We share it with you as an activation of your healing power of love to shine into the world as a blessing for us all.


My heartlight shines
The darker the thoughts and feelings
of the world around me
the brighter my heartlight shines
My heartlight pulses strong and pure
As the world around me forgets Love
I remember for them
I beam Love out, in, everywhere
Everything, everywhere, all at once
I beam the bright searing light of Love
My heartlight shines
Forever and always, all ways
Opening the heart and minds
of those who are lost in the dark
so they can shine their heart light
to see the beauty and joy around them
so they can experience the Beauty
of their own heart light shining
My heartlight shines
Pulsing strong and pure
With my sharp, driving desire
to fill the world with Love
to help others feel
the awe and wonder of creation
to fill the hearts of all creation
with the awe and wonder
of its own existence
My heart light shines bright and pure