High Vibe Success Key #7 The Sweet Spot of Stillness & Glory River of Movement

The Dance!

You flow through your day from one focused activity to the next. Your best days are sprinkled with balancing moments of letting go and letting be. You get things done. You know when it’s time to stop, look up, and feel the goodness of whatever is present. Your heart wings unfurl. You embody the mystical principle of a balanced being and becoming.

I experience these magically balanced days more often than not lately, but it hasn’t always been easy. Contributing to this world is part of my spiritual DNA, and at times I struggle to maintain a healthy balance between outer and inner focus. I have a feeling you might relate to this struggle!

A joyful, high-vibe personal and professional life includes ongoing cultivation of self-awareness and intentional choice. I practice and encourage my coaching clients to cultivate the sweet spot of stillness within the glory river of movement because when we are out of balance….

Too much activity can lead to anxiety, overwork, and burnout.

Too much stillness can lead to depression, stagnation, and limitation.

Listening To The Body

Last summer I found myself torn between the natural and joyful desire to be a contributor to the world, and the need to pull back from the output that is such a driving force in my life. The quiet voice of soul guidance that kept telling me to disengage from giving out, to just enjoy the beauty and freedom of summer was not unfamiliar, but I ignored it.

The message became more insistent by manifesting as pain in my body. Pain began interfering with my freedom to take the long walks that I’d grown to enjoy and depend on, and I could no longer ignore the message. It became glaringly obvious that I was out of balance. It was time to change my focus, cultivate more stillness and self-care so integral to the sustainability of my capacity to contribute to others.

Because I didn’t heed it sooner, the voice of PAIN came as a wakeup call that finally got my full attention. As soon as I decided to lighten my load a bit and not start any new projects, I noticed a weight lift that I hadn’t even realized I was carrying. I felt an infusion of the wild free energy of summer; it was mine to do with as I chose! I think what surprised me most was the sense of stillness and peace I experienced while flowing with this wild energy.

It felt like floating in a river where the current consistently keeps moving downstream in an even non-turbulent flow. The world flowed by quietly and gently even though the river underneath was full of power and life. It was easy to steer towards the shore when I wanted to just be still and watch the river flow by. And just as easy to move back into the current and let it carry me.

Because I finally listened, my summer and early fall have been filled with beautiful soul-nourishing moments of freedom and delight replenishing my reserves of creativity. It’s made the contributions I was and am still making at home and work feel easy and fun.

When balanced in the polarity dance of seeming opposites, these ways of being can merge. You expand to include.

Simultaneously you can be the peaceful calm on the surface of the river, and the wild and immense power of the depths.

This state of balanced being and becoming is where the magic of your life comes alive!

If you are a practitioner, coach, healer, leader, or influencer of any kind,

you become more capable of expanding to include all.

However, this sweet spot is not so easy to find and maintain!

Without awareness of our need to discover and maintain the sweet spot we may find ourselves going too far along the spectrum in either direction. With Soul Alignment, awareness of choice, and activation of will, we can course correct and find our way back to more balanced dance and a healthier, happier, more successful business and life.

What Out Of Balance Looks Like For Me

My dance becomes less fluid and fun when I’m out of balance. I experience uncomfortable symptoms physically, mentally, and emotionally. In general, when I’ve been too still for too long, I wake up in the morning already feeling a sick kind of sadness in my belly, my body feels achy and fatigued. Emotionally, I feel flat, anxious, and uninspired. It’s difficult to get anything done. When I’ve been in activity for too long, I’m exhausted. My mind gets into a negative state riddled with catastrophizing or limiting thoughts. I’m accomplishing but not celebrating. My sleep is disrupted, and life can feel like a Groundhog Day.

What About You?

  • How do you know when it’s time to pull off the river into a quiet eddy?
  • How do you know when it’s time to push off the bank and start swimming?
  • Where are you in this polarity dance today?

Finding Your Way Back To Center

Increased awareness of this High Vibe Success Key can make all the difference for your peace of mind, happiness in daily living, and ability to make your greatest contribution to others. And to fulfill your soul’s agenda in this lifetime.

As we consciously practice dancing with stillness and movement, we grow to recognize symptoms of imbalance when falling into autopilot or life simply demands we have to sprint, much sooner. Realizing we can choose and recalibrate; we practice what we’ve discovered works best for finding our way back to center more quickly and easily.

High vibe success key 7 - back to centeredness

As I moved towards the end of summer, I felt the urge to prepare for the inner stillness that would be coming with Autumn. The opportunity to go into a mostly silent at-home retreat presented itself. As did a personal creative retreat with a close friend. Both of these retreats provided a natural transition from the wild free energy of the summer river to a slower, quieter, and more balanced pace.

Now, I look back and see how perfectly these times for moving inward served my transition into Fall. I’m experiencing a more balanced state. Fuelled by the brilliant bright energy gathered during the summer, I gradually move towards contemplation and stillness. How will you cultivate balance with your dance of being and becoming, stillness and movement with more conscious intent?

If you are a coach or healer, how might you encourage this success key and practice it when working with others?

Recently I felt drawn into a Goodwill store while traveling in the San Francisco Bay Area. I found the print of Krishna and Radha you see above and felt compelled to bring it home. I was drawn to it but until now I didn’t know why.

I asked Google about Krishna and discovered Krishna is sometimes referred to as Lord of the Dance!

May your life be filled with the well-being of a balanced dance

between being and becoming.

May you consistently cultivate the sweet spot of stillness within

the glory river of movement every day.