Coaching With Georgette Star

The ‘real’ you is a radiant river of light.

You are a soul stream; deeply loving, intelligent, creative, powerful, consciously connected to the greater field of life and all creation. You know you are here with the purpose of fulfilling your creative potential for your well-being. You are here to experience and bring forth your unique gifts to contribute to the creation of a better world. Perhaps you sense a gap between living your potential and where you are right now.


Just imagine, when your SOUL STREAM Coaching Sessions begin, you will immediately experience the transformative energy and healing potential of our work together arise between us.

I will read your Life Map and describe the Big Picture so you can understand the challenges and joys in your life from a Soul Perspective. The map will point to the divine design of your lifetime and serve to guide our ongoing work together.

Soul Stream Method

Clarify Your Vision

Clear The Blocks

Live Your Dream

Discover your “Soul Code Life Map” and clarify a North Star Vision for the journey.

Uncover and transform patterns of limitation.

Get direction, support and accountability to take inspired action.


  • Learn where you’re on track and where you’re off. As I illuminate and describe your Life Purpose, Gifts, Talents, and Karmic Lessons, you will feel deeply seen and validated.
  • Clarify a “North Star Vision” about the changes you want to see in yourself and your life. In the places where you are stuck and hitting blocks, the bright light of change and new possibilities for your life will ignite within you.
  • Identify and transform – with guidance from me – previously unconscious barriers to the North Star Vision you most deeply desire to experience, express, create and contribute towards.
  • Receive a focused structure, deep clearing practices, support, mentoring, and intuitive guidance to help you attain your specific goals. You will feel inspired, encouraged, and empowered. Experience breakthroughs and changes in your relationship with yourself, others, and your life – right away!
  • Learn tools and develop skills needed for moving through the inevitable challenges and blocks that will come up as you continue to evolve and create for the rest of your life.

Each session will end with a next-step action assignment designed to help you integrate the work and move towards the manifestation of your goals.

Are you ready to get the help and support you need to help you consciously evolve beyond the frustration and difficulties of stuck patterns? Ready to enter a free flow of love, joy, creative energy, and action?

Here’s what Andrea has to say…

Here’s what Charlyn has to say…

Here’s what Shawnna has to say…

Here’s what Andrea has to say…

Here’s what Charlyn has to say…

Here’s what Shawnna has to say…