Explore Living Heart-Centered

Bright is the love of God within the heart shattered

and then reborn in free flight.    


Every human being’s fundamental mission in this life is to become an embodiment of that beautiful, radiant aliveness that desires to help, serve, and contribute. For me it starts with having an open heart, living Heart-Centered. Our heart-center is where joyful, radical, radiant aliveness can be experienced in the human body.

My dear friend and Soul Stream practitioner, Pamela Wirth, has made living Heart-Centered a life-long, embodied, pursuit. This month’s inspired video interview is a discussion about becoming Heart-Centered with Pamela, part of an ongoing series of conversations about what it means to be in ALIGNMENT. Being an aligned human includes a variety of components and being Heart-Centered is one of them.

Last month in Life Blessing, we focused on the importance of grounding, developing a nice solid holistic ground and base. Once we have a solid foundation and some good roots, it’s possible to evolve our heart energy centers and expand our capacity to love and to be of service. The more heart-centered we become, the more easily we ascend into joyful Higher Realms of Consciousness.

Join Pamela and I as we explore questions such as:

  • Why is becoming heart centered essential for wholeness?
  • Why do we want to develop our capacity to live with an open heart?
  • What is it like when the heart is open?
  • What is it like when it’s closed? What causes our hearts to close (we don’t discuss this question very deeply but it’s important!)
  • Our favorite heart opening practices

We would love to hear your most important take-away

or wisdom pearls you’d like to share about this topic.