The Power of Grounding

What opens up when you are fully grounded AND what happens when you’re not?

These questions may seem like kindergarten to those who have been on a path of conscious Soul/Higher Self embodiment for a while. However, as you know, there’s so much information pulling our attention emotionally, mentally, and spiritually at all times. Finding and maintaining our ground, grounding our embodied life experience here on earth, is a moment-by-moment practice.

At each new phase of Soul embodiment, a new capacity for grounding is often required. The more intense the Light of consciousness shines through, the deeper roots needed to ground that light. 

The practice of grounding keeps us from becoming overwhelmed and short circuiting from all the input. Without grounding, we are more like hot air balloons with zillions of ideas but little results. We are unstable, lose our center and focus easily, merge with others, daydream in a fantasy world, lose our ability to hold, contain, to HAVE. We can feel separate from Nature and easily manipulated by outer influences.

Through grounding our consciousness gradually manifests on the physical plane and we are more fully able to receive nourishment, stability, power, and growth. It actually brings us into more coherence with time and space and allows for a smoother experience of the flow of life. 

Grounding with PJ Hirabyashi

This month, I interviewed Soul Stream Method Practitioner and founder of the Taiko Peace Initiative, PJ Hirabyashi, about the importance of grounding for her personally and in her work.

I chose to interview PJ for the topic of grounding because her natural state of being is channeling tremendous amounts of energy.

(For those who have been introduced to the Soul Code information, PJ’s life purpose is symbolized by the Number 11). 

In order for PJ to remain stable and not become overwhelmed by the energy moving through her, incorporating a grounding practice into her daily routine has been vital to maintaining balance in her life. 

So I have to admit I really am more out in the cosmos with my energy. But the grounding is also there. For me the adventure is in how to synthesize it. And that is the grounding, it’s bringing it together. The energy and how in this vessel, this body (thank you very much) I’m able to experience life and life’s lessons through this three-dimensional experience…

                                                                                                                                      – PJ Hirabyashi

Remaining grounded

We are all buffeted by lots of influences that can take us out of a grounded state. And, if you are a practitioner, healer, or coach you not only have your own challenges to remain grounded, you also have to be aware of the ungrounding effect of the fears and challenges your clients are experiencing.  Supporting others to return to their ground is integral to your work together, no matter what we call it.

I hope you enjoy and find grounded inspiration in my conversation with the amazing PJ!

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