The Foundation

These numbers represent the full spectrum of your human potential.

There are 9 fundamental pathways of human-soul development that can be symbolized by the numbers one through nine. Each number represents a universal human archetype and a pathway of human evolution which includes a vast spectrum of capacities, abilities, and skills, and reveals our Soul’s Code.

The 9 Pathways of the Soul, symbolized as ‘Number Archetypes’, are expressions of ancient wisdom. References to these archetypes can be found in the sciences of Numerology (Reference 1), Sacred Geometry (Reference 2), and Astrology (Reference 3), among other systems of both ancient and contemporary wisdom.

Every human being is on a life-long journey to learn and evolve skills and capacities along the nine distinct archetypal pathways of human development. Each of us was born to function and evolve our innate capacities, abilities, and skills within all 9 Pathways of the Soul! The greater our mastery of each, the greater our success, fulfillment, and contribution to life will be.

The body of knowledge you will find here is the foundation for the SOUL STREAM Method I use in my SOUL STREAM Coach & Mentorship practice. I invite you to explore during the Pathways Foundation blog post series as each Number Archetype is introduced and tune into those aspects of your own development. This profound body of knowledge assists us with a greater understanding of ourselves and each other. It has been handed down to me over several generations and enhanced within my SOUL STREAM Coach & Mentorship practice over several decades. Click HERE to read about my mentors: godmother Jane Barkley and wise mother, Shirley Donatello-Green.

An individual’s Soul Code can be deduced during a SOUL STREAM Life Map Reading. It is described by numbers that can be distilled from one’s full name at birth and birth date and reveals information regarding Life Purpose, Soul Needs, Conscious Self, Natural Abilities and Karmic Lessons.

Although we are all learning and evolving all 9 Pathways of the Soul simultaneously, we also each have combinations of numbers in our Soul Code. I’m going to share a practice to strengthen the attributes of all nine Number Archetypes within you, at the end of each blog post.

According to ancient wisdom, the 9 Pathways, or Numbers, of the Soul include: