High Vibe Success Key 8: Look Up, Out…And In

When too caught up in life’s details, worries, or frustrations, sometimes all we need to regain peace of mind is to shift and expand to a cosmic view!

Today’s blog is dedicated to (HVSK)High Vibe Success Key #8, Look Up, Out…and In.

As another important key to High Vibe Success and Soul Stream Living, this key is an invitation to maintain a liberating perspective. By expanding to include both the inner and outer Big Picture we can reset to what’s most important and life giving.

I’m sure you can relate. Sometimes the idea that it’s all in the details makes me crazy, especially when the details of running my business or personal life aren’t cooperating or become all consuming. And, sometimes, my mind becomes fixated on past upsets or worries about the future that are limiting and completely unproductive.

When realizing this has happened, I take a break, look up from whatever I’m working on and expand into the heavens. I look OUT to the billions of years of the Universe’s Story and IN to the spiritual journey of my soul through human experience.


When you shift the focus of your attention beyond the day-to-day to a more expansive, holistic, and balanced Big Picture, you are more likely to experience these gifts… and more:

  • increased feelings of relaxation, contentment, and well-being
  • a sense of absolute knowing you are guided in every situation
  • ability to accept, surrender, and flow with whatever is happening
  • effortless engagement with daily life
  • a sense of being “lit from inside”
  • instant access to a healthier, more enjoyable and grounded presence
  • more moments of complete awe and wonder in the incomprehensible miracle of it all

Although relevant every day of the year, we’re introducing HVSK # 8, Look Up, Out…and In, TODAY, as it coincides with WINTER SOLSTICE, a magical rite-of-passage day, ideal for shifting to a cosmic view of our lives.

I adore the symbolism of this night being the longest night of the year knowing that, every day from now until summer solstice, there will be a little more LIGHT.

I find this certainty in a world of constant change comforting, don’t you?

Winter Solstice is a perfect day to remember to look up and out, to notice the power of seasonal change and how it affects us.

We can appreciate winter’s natural strong pull inward, into a more contemplative state, even as it heralds the returning light and more outward focus as the New Year progresses.

I often honor solstices and equinoxes with some kind of ritual and encourage those I serve to do the same.

Rituals can help us to zoom out to the Big Picture, pause, reflect, realign and reset to what is most important. Honoring the Winter Solstice with a soul nourishing ritual is a meaningful way to make ourselves available to receive the gifts of winter’s velvety darkness and the joy of light returning. Or, to simply expand and reset to the Big Picture of our everyday lives.

Life Blessing Institute’s editor, and good friend, Melissa Shaw, and I created a GIFT for you, a video retelling of the Universe Story through a ritual called the Cosmic Walk. The intention of this ritual is to provide an opportunity for us to appreciate the Winter Solstice, but most importantly to look up, out…and in.

Ready to enjoy a reset to a big picture context, both Cosmic and Divine?

Watch the video and join us for the Cosmic Walk (one of my favorite rituals to celebrate the Winter Solstice, or anytime I want a Big Picture perspective) and experience this month’s HVSK #8 Look Up & Out…and In.