Achieve breakthrough results for your clients

Do you want to become an even more potent facilitator of healing and change?

Have you ever felt that you’ve hit a ceiling on client results and want to go deeper, but not sure how? Maybe you’re ready to incorporate a deeper Soul-Work dimension that can lead your clients to breakthrough results.

When a person is born, they’re given a “Soul Code” that informs their sense of purpose, what fulfills them, their natural abilities and potential contribution to Life (called a SOUL STREAM Life Map). Imagine for a moment you were crystal clear about your client’s natural strengths, abilities, and Life lessons even before beginning your work together?

What if, with your client’s SOUL STREAM Life Map in hand you also had a step-by-step method for catalyzing transformation and life change much more effectively?

The great news is that identifying your client’s SOUL STREAM Life Map and guiding them to profound and lasting change is not as hard as you may think. When you learn this unique method, you will become an even more potent agent of change.

SOUL STREAM Method Certification Course

By the end of this course you’ll not only learn about your SOUL STREAM Life Map, but also how to use this tool with your clients so you can:

  • Create a deep connection with prospective clients to more easily turn introductory consultations into new clients.
  • Help your clients overcome their biggest blocks faster and easier.
  • Gain a key to inspire your clients so they take action and create the outcomes they desire.
  • Help your clients get amazing results, so you can create greater impact and contribution.

A Unique Invitation

The SOUL STREAM Client Breakthrough Method evolved from me learning the 9 Pathways of the Soul as a young girl in my mother’s kitchen and over three decades in private practice as a Coach & Healer. These pathways represent nine distinct realms of human development

Throughout childhood, I sat and listened to my Mom and Godmother discuss the Life Maps of family and friends based on this body of knowledge. Their conversations inspired my young heart and planted the seeds of my calling.

My Mom became my teacher and mentor. She taught me how to read the Soul Code a Life Map. She inspired me to discover that guiding others into awareness of their Soul Code, the truth, beauty and power of who they truly are, is the fulfillment of my own Life Purpose!

In April of 2016, my Mom made her transition from this world into the Great Light.

It fills my heart with immense joy to contribute the gift of wisdom she passed on to me, so I can in turn support so many practitioners and transformational leaders.

I’m excited to help you unlock the beautiful mystery that is YOU, with knowledge and a methodology that has the potential to transform your life and empower those whom you love and serve.

Georgette Star

Georgette Star MA. D.Min
SOUL STREAM Coach & Method Trainer

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