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Traveling Altar Cloth

FRIENDS OF THE TRAVELING ALTAR CLOTH…. AN ANNUAL NEW YEAR SPIRITUAL PRACTICE TRADITION! Last year at this time I described a tradition that has grown more important than ever to me, and has come to include a wider group of people in my life…both friends and family! This spiritual practice tradition started a few years […]

My Messenger Of Light Painting

I began my Intentional Creativity painting project in January 2015 with the intention to work on it for an entire year. At long last, in the energy of the full moon on Christmas day, I completed my painting! What a journey it has been, the painting and the year! For each month of 2015 I […]

An Evolution of Life Purpose

I fell head over heels in LOVE with the minister’s son at 16, married him at 17, had a baby at 18 and moved to Sugarloaf Mountain in the backwoods of Oregon at 19. Here my youthful heart’s desire to experience a utopian new way of living came true, at least for a time. My […]

Timeless Wisdom Training

I just returned from the first week of a two-year program led by Thomas Hübl called “Timeless Wisdom Training”. This amazing commitment promises to be a pressure cooker of enlightenment!!! (I discovered this statue of Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles, at the entrance to the Mount Madonna Retreat Center Temple. The obstacles in our lives ARE […]

6 minute Mini-Retreat

Hello Bright Light, If you have been reading my “Love Notes” over the past couple of months, you know that I’ve been engaged in the creation and hosting of the COACHING MASTERY MAGIC World Summit that officially ended about a week ago. The wonderful success of this Summit was both gratifying and inspiring, and the challenges associated […]


ENERGIZE Your Motivation

When we discover our Life Purpose, we become more conscious in our behaviors. Our Life Purpose gives us the drive and motivation to pursue fulfilment, changing the way we see things, the way we do things. Our Life Purpose is what we are called to fulfill while on earth. Mother Love I had a conversation […]

Did You Miss This? Coaching Mastery Magic: World Summit

Hello Bright Light!!! I’ve missed our communications during my August eZine ‘pause’!!!! I’ve been very busy during this time and proud to announce that I’ve created and will host a transformational FREE virtual series of interviews called COACHING MASTERY MAGIC World Summit. You are cordially invited. During the Summit, Master Coaches and Healers from around the world will share their stories and strategies for creating […]

MAGIC happens here

Hello Bright Light, When you shift out of autopilot and become fully Present, you can consciously choose where and how to focus your energy and attention. This is where MAGIC happens!!!  In a state of Presence, you gain greater access to your core intelligence and ability to direct creative energy into the actions that will move you […]

Celebrate Summer Solstice with the Art of Ritual

June 20th 2015 LOVE NOTE SUN WHEEL MANDALA: A SOLSTICE CEREMONY UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE INTERVIEW ​LOVE NOTE Hello Bright Light, I sent you my usual Monday Ezine today because I want to wish you a “Happy Summer Solstice” and it’s tomorrow!!! There is something ancient in my Soul that loves to celebrate this cosmological event each year. How about you? […]