What I Believe About You

Life is a Gift, the Original Blessing, and YOU are Life’s Blessing.
There is no one else like you. The Universe rejoices in your unique presence, and is Supremely grateful EVERY day that you exist. Without you, the Universe would be incomplete.You are here to experience everything it means to be a spark of Light in human form.

The more you Fall in Love with your Soul AND your Humanity, the more your life will become a miraculous flow.

Prioritizing your relationship with Soul and the Universe creates an alignment that will place everyone and everything else into perspective.

You are a Creator.

You have Infinite Creative Potential, here to partner with the Universe and manifest your Soul’s Intentions.

Your Soul has a unique signature or code, which can be explored, and contains knowledge of all that you came with into this life. This includes: your “Life Purpose”, needs for fulfillment, natural abilities, capacities to develop, life lessons and more.

Your “Life Purpose” includes your ability to embrace ALL past and present components of your “Being” with unconditional love and compassion. As you evolve your ancestral and cultural beliefs about who you are and what you can be, do, and have, you become an updated evolutionary model for all future generations.

You will experience your “Life Purpose” as a core motivation to persevere, regardless of the ease or difficulty in your experience each day.

You can implicitly trust the process of your Soul’s Evolution in all situations. This trust in the Bigger Picture activates immense power to persevere when you are challenged. When those around you are struggling, you can be a source of comfort and inspiration.

At this very moment, the LIGHT of your Soul’s presence elicits a ripple effect of BLESSING throughout the field of our inter-connectivity!

This is what I believe about YOU.