Timeless Wisdom Training

Reflections, Photos, and How to Tap Into The Soul Code In Your Name.

Can you imagine being in a room meditating with over 100 dedicated spiritual adventurers in the evolution of consciousness and culture, for an hour or more every day and evening for an entire week?

I just returned from the first week of a two-year program led by Thomas Hübl called “Timeless Wisdom Training”. This amazing commitment promises to be a pressure cooker of enlightenment!!!

(I discovered this statue of Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles,
at the entrance to the Mount Madonna Retreat Center Temple.
The obstacles in our lives ARE the path.)

Throughout this week, I found it incredible to witness our new and increased access to the Divine and to previously inaccessible and unresolved energy that had been interfering with or blocking our Soul connection and growth.

At the retreat, this process of “Pouring the Light of Higher Consciousness” into to the “Darkness of Unconscious Energy” was accompanied by the release of intense emotions such as grief, fear, anger, as well as joy and love! Also, it seems that participants received revelations about patterns of belief and behavior that play out and repeat in our everyday lives and relationships. It was an intense week for everyone!

I had one incredible experience after another all week long. During one in particular, I felt an upwelling of a sadness so intense it felt like my chest would break open. As the previously repressed emotional energy began to move through my body, even my teeth buzzed with electricity!!!

In-between the meditation sessions and the numerous meals, participants worked together in small groups to explore specific topics while practicing deep intuitive listening. We also practiced giving intuitive feedback to evolve our skills of transparent communication and increase our ability to ‘read’ the subtle energy in the field of each person.

One of the exercises I loved the most was tuning into our names as a way to connect with our Soul Essence as a field of information that we can learn to “read”.

This practice resonated with me especially because in the coaching work I do, I use a Soul Mapping method based on an individual’s full name at birth. The birth name can energetically be described as the “cosmic address” and can give one who is able to “log in” access to a soul’s unique life “website”.

I’d like to share this simple, yet powerful, exercise for you to use as a tool to help yourself and others….family, friends, clients, etc, connect with soul presence, perspective, guidance and healing.


1. Play some meditative music.
2. Have your journal or something to write on ready.
3. Close your eyes and let the body and mind settle.
4. Set your intention to connect with your Soul and to bring light into an area where you are currently in the dark.
5. Visualize or imagine your first name written a couple of feet above your head.
6. Say your name out loud and listen to the sound of your voice.
7. Write these words on the top of your page, “Dear (your name)”.
8. Now, let your Soul write whatever wants to come through.
9. At first it might not make sense, just let the words flow freely to open the channel.
10. Later in the writing process you can ask your Soul specific questions for guidance and/or healing.

I expect that I will use this technique often and that it will grow in importance as part of my ongoing spiritual practice. My wish is that you find it helpful as well!