Did You Miss This? Coaching Mastery Magic: World Summit

Hello Bright Light!!!
I’ve missed our communications during my August eZine ‘pause’!!!!
I’ve been very busy during this time and proud to announce that I’ve created and will host a transformational FREE virtual series of interviews called COACHING MASTERY MAGIC World Summit. You are cordially invited.
During the Summit, Master Coaches and Healers from around the world will share their stories and strategies for creating fun and profitable businesses while making an extraordinary difference in the lives of others.
You will no doubt be familiar with the work of many of the Summit speakers, including Jack Canfield (“Chicken Soup of the Soul”), and many others. In fact, I will be interviewed for this soulful Summit as the lead speaker by my dear friend and Master Coach Steve Wiltshire. 
If you are a transformational coach, consultant, or holistic practitioner ready to up-level your business mastery and practice magic, this Summit is for you!!!
Are you interested in the success principles, skill development, business structures and community building strategies that Master Coaches and Healers embody and teach to transform various aspects of life?

COACHING MASTERY MAGIC World Summit will reveal how you can….

  • Become a more confident and influential leader
  • Embody success principles that will up-level your coaching skills and business mastery​
  • Discover new tools, skills and capacities to deepen life transformational experiences for yourself and your clients
  • Learn leading edge marketing strategies that the most successful Coaches and Healers are using now
  • Eliminate thoughts of competition and learn how to identify and step into your unique “Brand DNA”
  • Maximize the joy of running your own business through putting systems in place
  • Expand your earning potential while sharing your gifts and skills with your clients
  • Receive a treasure trove of Free Resources to empower your COACHING MASTERY MAGIC

Perhaps you are just starting out in the coaching and healing fields and you wish to focus in on how to make your passion and purpose profitable.

Or maybe you are a seasoned coach and healer, and you are ready for fresh perspectives, new growth strategies and an opportunity to further master your craft and business.

Wherever you are on the spectrum of “Novice to Expert”, the reality is this: EXPANSION BEGINS WITH CHOICE.

If you hear that “Call” to expand your business mastery and increase the potency of your service to others, then click HERE for your free access to Coaching Mastery Magic World Summit.

Take this opportunity to learn from the people who have “cracked the code” for creating the beautiful balance of spirit, strategy, service and success!

Each interview in this Summit is only available FREE for a limited time. If you are ready to hit the “up-level button” and create the practice and business of your dreams, join us.

Let the MAGIC begin!

Georgette Star MA, D.Min