An Evolution of Life Purpose

I fell head over heels in LOVE with the minister’s son at 16, married him at 17, had a baby at 18 and moved to Sugarloaf Mountain in the backwoods of Oregon at 19. Here my youthful heart’s desire to experience a utopian new way of living came true, at least for a time. My little family and I found a community of kindred spirits to share the adventure of life We began to build a cabin on our 80 acres of land, which you had to open and close 3 cattle gates to get to, and that we shared with several other families.

I was in HEAVEN!!!

It was SO exciting to be living “off the grid” with my husband and baby boy, to be experimenting with communal life immersed in the beauty of the natural world.

My life seemed PERFECT…. until we finished building our cabin in the Oregon coastal backwoods. After striving for two years to manifest this dream and now living it day to day, I noticed my happiness beginning to slip away. Living a life that was only about my little family and the other families in our small community began to feel oppressive, even though there was nothing wrong.

From somewhere deep inside me, an undeniable need to contribute to the lives of others began to well up. Yet, this Soul Need didn’t align with the life I just worked so hard to manifest.

I was living far away from people, no phone, no Internet, with an hour drive to the nearest real town. Instead of feeling ecstatic about having everything I ever wanted, I began to wake up each morning feeling sad.

I finally began to face and explore these confusing feelings of discontent through meditation and journal writing. After months of inexplicable sadness, I experienced a revelation of deep clarity that my “LIFE PURPOSE” was to become a Healer, to contribute to the well being of others beyond my immediate family. I also realized that to do so, I would have to let go of my dream life on Sugarloaf Mountain.

This realization was painful to face and yet when I did, my depression evaporated. I felt energized, strengthened and invigorated with the courage it would take to make a change.

When my son turned 3, our little family left Sugarloaf Mountain and the wonderful community we had been so blessed to be a part of to set off on a new adventure, but that’s a story for another day!

I share this pivotal moment of my path of “LIFE PURPOSE” evolution as a reminder that you too were born with a seed of “LIFE PURPOSE” inside that will sprout, grow, and flower, over and over again throughout your lifetime.

“LIVE PURPOSE” is an essence you came here to BE and an expression you came here to BECOME through a continuous flow of forms of expression.

I’m passionate about making and maintaining connection with my “LIFE PURPOSE” to motivate and guide my choices in life and to help my clients do the same. If you would like to learn more about “LIFE PURPOSE” please sign up for my upcoming Free Webinar.