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these posts will cover all 9 pathways and anything in relation to that

Let’s visit the Garden of your HIGHER SELF today!

June 8th 2015 LOVE NOTE UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE SUMMIT SOUL STREAM: HIGHER SELF ALIGNMENT (MP3) LOVE NOTE Hello Bright Light, How are You? I hope you are reveling in something wonderful….as am I…I’m going to “school”!! This weeks Ezine is going to be short and sweet as I prepare to head off into 2-day Mastermind emersion […]

Unexpected Treasure!!!

When I was a girl of about 9 or 10, my siblings and I spent hours playing inside a “fort” we constructed underneath the backstairs that went up to the second floor of our home.  On the wall of the building underneath this stairwell was a shelf. On that shelf sat a large metal and […]

Two Girls Lead The Way

By the time I was 11, I started to hide and feel ashamed to be me partly because some kids at school and in the neighborhood tortured me with name calling. Straight A’s, a group of girlfriends, and high creativity with artwork- none of this mattered in the face of the pubic humiliation that went […]

9 Paths Of The Soul

ABOUT THE 9 PATHWAYS OF THE SOUL There are 9 fundamental pathways of human-soul development that can be symbolized by the numbers one through nine. Each number represents a universal human archetype and a pathway that includes a vast spectrum of capacities, abilities and skills, and that reveal our Life Purpose. According to ancient wisdom, […]

Our Lady of the Winter Solstice Dawn

Tis the season! Perhaps you grew up celebrating winter holidays in a church community, like I did. For me this included singing Christmas carols and hymns in the choir, which I adored! On the other hand, I didn’t’ have one real friend in our entire church. I often felt alone even while participating in church […]

Evolutionary Parenting Visionary

  PARENTING VISIONARY! We know our words can never accurately convey truth that is constantly updating! And yet, I also believe that when we tune in to emerging possibility together and give voice to our evolving understanding something new opens up for us all. Please join me in the co-creation of an evolutionary parenting/living vision […]