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Let the Magic Begin!

Hello Bright Light!!! I’ve missed our communications during my August eZine ‘pause’!!!! I’ve been very busy during this time and proud to announce that I’ve created and will host a transformational FREE virtual series of interviews called COACHING MASTERY MAGIC World Summit. You are cordially invited. During the Summit, Master Coaches and Healers from around the world will share their stories and strategies for creating […]

SHINE with True Beauty – Maiden Spirit Girls Music Video

Hello Bright Light, I had an intuitive nudge to share something special with you today. It’s a very special music video that was created by a group of MAIDEN SPIRIT girls.  MAIDEN SPIRIT is one of several Life Blessing Institute programs designed specifically for youth. Girls ages 9-13 can participate in a Mentored small group over a […]

You are worthy of love, happiness, and a beautiful life.

July 13, 2015 Love Note You Are Worthy Of Love, Happiness, and a Beautiful Life. Sneak Peak: Coaching Mastery Magic World Summit Da Vinci Quote ​Hello Bright Light, My last Ezine was dedicated to the healing and awakening that becomes possible when we shine the light of self-love into places within that we typically avoid. I received many […]

Why Trust Is Worth It + New Guided Meditation (Mp3)

June 29, 2015​ Hello Bright Light, I’ve been thinking a lot about the way I sometimes resist surrendering my will to the Divine. I sometimes resist even though it’s SO stressful to do so. And I’m 100% certain that true surrender to being led by Higher Consciousness is the only way to experience more of what […]

Celebrate Summer Solstice with the Art of Ritual

June 20th 2015 LOVE NOTE SUN WHEEL MANDALA: A SOLSTICE CEREMONY UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE INTERVIEW ​LOVE NOTE Hello Bright Light, I sent you my usual Monday Ezine today because I want to wish you a “Happy Summer Solstice” and it’s tomorrow!!! There is something ancient in my Soul that loves to celebrate this cosmological event each year. How about you? […]

Let’s visit the Garden of your HIGHER SELF today!

June 8th 2015 LOVE NOTE UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE SUMMIT SOUL STREAM: HIGHER SELF ALIGNMENT (MP3) LOVE NOTE Hello Bright Light, How are You? I hope you are reveling in something wonderful….as am I…I’m going to “school”!! This weeks Ezine is going to be short and sweet as I prepare to head off into 2-day Mastermind emersion […]

Empower Your Daughter

EMPOWER YOUR DAUGHTER’S INNER WISDOM by Jan Burgevin RN I’d like to introduce you to Jan Burgevin, a recent graduate from the Life Blessing Institute Program: “BEAUTIFUL YOU: FROM GIRL TO WOMAN” (BYGW) Facilitator Certification Training. Jan gave me permission to share (and abbreviate) two of her responses to questions in the BYGW curriculum. My […]

New MP3: Fountain of LIGHT!!!

June 15th 2015 LOVE NOTE SOUL STREAM: FOUNTAIN OF LIGHT & GRATITUDE ACTIVATION (MP3) EMPOWER YOUR DAUGHTER’S INNER WISDOM by Jan Burgevin ​LOVE NOTE Hello Bright Light, On the Journey of Awakening, we can intentionally call in the Light of Divine Intelligence in order to infuse our conditioned human belief system with new possibility. We […]