hand in water

How to get back into the FLOW!!!

Hello Bright Light,
The “COACHING MASTERY MAGIC World Summit” is in full swing now.
This creative process of manifesting what began as an inspired idea into concrete reality has challenged me to grow in many new ways. Some of that growth has been immensely pleasurable and some stressful!!
Are you in an active creative process of giving birth to a dream?
How do you help yourself through your challenging moments?
During stressful times, I’ve learned to stay fluid and in movement no matter what, by increasing self-healing activities. 
Guided Meditation that leads to silent meditation is one of the main inner activities I use.
Some of the outer activities that bring me back to free energy movement include:
  • Getting into water (a river, bathtub, shower, hot tub, hot spring, even running water over my hands in the sink).
  • Physical movement, sometimes simply moving to another location in my house can break a stress reaction. Traveling to a tropical island is ideal (smile), but taking a walk can be equally effective.
  • Checking in with the physical and emotional sensations running through my body and recording my findings in a journal, often opens a channel to healing insights and energies
Inspired by the simplicity and effectiveness of these self-healing activities, I created a DIAMOND HEALING WATERS GUIDED MEDITATION for you to add to your self-healing tool kit.
To access, Click HERE. 
Wishing you a day of happy, flowing movement!
About Georgette Star MA, D.Min
Georgette is deeply committed to guiding her clients and students to do the most important thing that human beings can do in life, make and maintain SOUL CONNECTION so they can experience life a life of Joy, Inner Peace and Fulfillment that is independent of outer conditions. In her SOUL STREAM coaching practice and programs, she works with women and men, who despite external accomplishment find themselves holding back from manifesting the potential they feel inside.
As Founder and CEO of The Life Blessing Institute, a learning community for adults and youth, Georgette has developed a variety of on and off-line programs such as Beautiful You: From Girl to Woman, Maiden Spirit, Peace-Warriors and SOUL STREAM Coaching. Her on-line Summits: “The Radiant Moms’ & Girls’ Revolution” and The “Every Woman’s Mystical Treasure Chest” inspired thousands of people in over 56 countries to live soul inspired and feminine empowered lives. She holds an MA from the Naropa Institute and a Doctorate of Ministry from the University of Creation Spirituality.
There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though
everything is a miracle.
                                                                                                     — Albert Einstein