Why Trust Is Worth It + New Guided Meditation (Mp3)

June 29, 2015
Hello Bright Light,
I’ve been thinking a lot about the way I sometimes resist surrendering my will to the Divine.
I sometimes resist even though it’s SO stressful to do so. And I’m 100% certain that true surrender to being led by Higher Consciousness is the only way to experience more of what I most want in life: more love, peace, joy, connection, freedom and ability to contribute to others.
This is why trusting in myself, others, and the Divine is worth it!
Do you ever struggle with surrender?
Why isn’t it easier to “Let go and let God”? 
Here’s what I’ve been thinking…
Throughout the eons of human evolution, we humans have been in a struggle with the elements and with each other to survive.
On one hand, we celebrate the evolution of our individual will and capacity to exercise control over our lives. This has been hard won through many battles!!! Our ancestral survival memories often equate “surrendering” with danger, weakness, the acceptance of defeat, loss, and giving up our freedom, maybe even our lives.
When this evolutionary part is of us is in charge of our lives, we create more of what we have known and repeat patterns that have kept us safe in the past.
However, to create an innovative future, we need to learn that “surrendering” to the Divine is safe and that through our leap of faith and connection with a Higher Consciousness to guide our choices, we gain access to infinite new possibilities.
I’ve discovered important Keys for summoning the courage to surrender to the Divine. Those Keys are to be deeply kind and lovingly compassionate with my ancestral survival fear that comes up in the face of change.
And, Life always meets courageous surrender with Magic and  New Insights and Understanding. There is nothing more energizing in life than to experience flowing co-creation with the Divine leading the way!
I have created a Soul Stream guided recording: Leap of Faith NOW MEDITATION (Mp3) to support you to make a leap of faith in a place where you have been holding on to fear of surrender far too long.
May the joy and freedom that comes from acceptance and surrender be yours!!!
You can access the SOUL STREAM: LEAP OF FAITH NOW MEDITATION (Mp3) Click HERE . Before you listen, I would love for you to take a moment to reflect upon a bright moment in your past when you were able to TRUST and took a LEAP of faith. Remember what that felt like and notice what happens in your body as you do.
With love,
Georgette Star MA, D.Min​