Let Joy Be Your Compass & (True) Self Realization Your North Star

Today I act with courageous authenticity, moving effortlessly beyond fear and previous limits. I am ready!!!!

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, you know I have been on a journey to experience a conscious and celebrated rite-of-passage into empowered elderhood last spring when I turned 65.

Today I invite you to join me as I blaze a trail through the empowering territory of embracing resistance and fear that has inhibited my freedom of authentic self-expression.

I’m choosing to share rather than hide a mystic ability I was born with, cultivated for many years and only occasionally reveal to a few close friends and colleagues.

The inception of the rite-of-passage project was instigated from guidance I received during a meditation during the time around my birthday. Since then, I’ve been accompanied and assisted by a council of spirit guides from celestial realms called THE PEARLS.

Willingly facing and embracing a fear of being too out there, I’m delighted to offer this channeled message from The Pearls.

A New Year Message From “The Pearls”:
Let Joy Be Your Compass & (True) Self Realization
Your Highest Priority

We, the PEARLS, emanate as a council of guides from subtle celestial realms serving as transformers and translators. We function as access points to higher dimensions of activation, insight, and encouragement for the next phase of (Higher)Self Realization.

We offer an initiating wave of blessing to inspire your growing intuitive recognition of who and what you truly are, and New Year reset to THE intention that matters most.

Let’s begin with this contemplation: Imagine looking at yourself in a mirror: What do you typically see, think, feel, and believe about the being you see in the reflection?

Now, imagine perceiving yourself as we do – a radiant light-body, a vibrant STAR pulsing with love, intelligence, and creative energy seamlessly integrated into a vast, shimmering tapestry of soul stars within a boundless field of potential and endless possibilities
extending infinitely!

From our vantage point, the highest priority aspiration for your lifetime, the quintessential New Year creation-seed, is your heart’s intention to experience Soul Star Self Realization.

Regardless of how completely human sensory perceptions and body-mind conditioning may shroud direct perception of your starry true nature, the hidden light of the real you is perfectly present now and always.

We encourage a renewal of patience, compassion, and gentle loving kindness towards your sensitive human body-mind during the awakening process as you face, heal, and integrate whatever obscures the LIGHT of a deeper truth.

We know the Awakening process isn’t always comfortable or easy!

In the celestial realms, you are deeply honored for your sadhana (a Sanskrit term used to refer to spiritual practice, an intentional surrendering of the ego, in which the practitioner uses tools such as meditation and self-inquiry to consciously participate in the Self Realization process).

We invite you to recalibrate your focus to Self-Realization as the primary New Year intention, and with JOY as your compass, be willing to do, be, feel, let go of, transmute anything, learn or unlearn anything that supports this intention.

You will become more fully, freely, joyfully, exuberantly, unapologetically centered in the light of divine presence for the year to come. We thank you for your on-going sincere desire and efforts to embody the STAR you are.

Wow! I hope you found the profound wisdom in this message as uplifting and hopeful as I did, but I also know the invitation in this message requires commitment.

A common challenge on our journey to any significant life change or creative project is to face and transcend fear. We must be willing to question the validity of limiting beliefs, and other inhibitions as they come up to block our well-being and creative process on the way to manifestation. The process is worth it, but as The Pearls said, it isn’t easy.

Each time we transmute and integrate those energies we become more courageous, transparent, unapologetically authentic and free to move with the river of life with joy as our compass. Each time we transmute and integrate those energies, we become more…

Last Fall I began the mixed media painting you see above as a visual reminder of the ever-present support, love, and guidance available to us all from the subtle realms. It also represents the living Pearls, all the wonderful wise women and men in our lives who love, assist, and support us in this world.

Take a fresh look in the mirror, sense the divine presence behind your
eyes, let JOY be your compass. Enter the Miracle Field of potential
and possibility for
all that is about to unfold.