Evolutionary Parenting Visionary

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We know our words can never accurately convey truth that is constantly updating! And yet, I also believe that when we tune in to emerging possibility together and give voice to our evolving understanding something new opens up for us all. Please join me in the co-creation of an evolutionary parenting/living vision statement by adding comments to what I’ve started here:


On our journey of evolutionary parenting and living, we follow a soul calling from deep within to embody light as role models to support our children in the discovery and expression of their own.

We consciously develop ourselves as inspired and intuitively guided parents. We do so through cultivating presence, awareness, support, transparent communication, true acceptance, and unconditional love.

We generate a witnessing field of consciousness that embraces and allows our children to be fully authentic in all his or her developmental stages of expression.

We offer our hearts as landing and launching pads as needed.

When it is the highest good to do so, we illuminate the path ahead for our children. We also realize that our children’s destiny path is her or his own. Whenever appropriate we empower our children to make their own choices, even when we want them to do it our way.

We reflect back the brilliance and potential we see and sense in our beautiful children!

We bow before their light energetically, in our words, and in our actions.

Our children are also our teachers. These relationships are catalysts for our awakening and development. When our children press our buttons and we react unconsciously, we make amends and do our work to evolve!

We honor ourselves as parents with acceptance and compassion, especially when it’s tough. Learning new ways of doing and being is a gift to now and future generations!

Radiant Blessings!


What is YOUR vision of Evolutionary Parenting/Living?

Do you have a story to share?