Two Girls Lead The Way


By the time I was 11, I started to hide and feel ashamed to be me partly because some kids at school and in the neighborhood tortured me with name calling.

Straight A’s, a group of girlfriends, and high creativity with artwork- none of this mattered in the face of the pubic humiliation that went deep into my ultra sensitive heart.

Like many of us, I decided it was best to hide to protect myself and because of this missed opportunities to stand out and shine. It’s taken a long time to come out of the closet and to be visible in the way I am today.

As painful as that experience was, that pain eventually became fuel for the awakening of my Life Purpose and life-long passion to contribute to a world where women and girls are treated with respect; a world where everyone will be called out for what’s ‘great’ instead criticized for what’s ‘wrong’. Following my soul’s calling led me do create many things, including the Maiden Spirit program to empower girls!

If I had not followed the call of my ‘Life Purpose’, what happened next would never have occurred.

The Portland Oregon MAIDEN SPIRIT school-year end community celebration was led by two eleven year old girls!

Sorelle and Willow volunteered to take leadership, organize, and facilitate this event as their 3rd year “I CONTRIBUTE” project. With the support and guidance of fairy-god mother Maiden Spirit mentor Jodie Gemmato, the girls took a giant LEAP into inspired leadership.

It’s remarkable to reflect upon all that has unfolded over the past several decades from childhood trauma to continuously re-creating my life in alignment with my Soul Calling-Life Purpose. Every day the choice to align and take action from that place is mine to make over and over again.

I’ve heard it said that we are each born with a complex question to resolve – this is the essence of our Life Purpose – and eventually we BECOME THE ANSWER. Becoming our answer is the fulfillment of a lifetime.

Wishing you a day of courage, patience, and daily inspired action on your journey to answering the question that is you!






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