Unexpected Treasure!!!

When I was a girl of about 9 or 10, my siblings and I spent hours playing inside a “fort” we constructed underneath the backstairs that went up to the second floor of our home.  On the wall of the building underneath this stairwell was a shelf. On that shelf sat a large metal and wood tool chest filled with some of my Grandfathers tools.One day, I was lying on the ground inside the fort. While relaxing and watching one of my brothers goofing off, somehow he found a way to climb onto the toolbox. Suddenly, the whole thing, shelf, toolbox, and brother came crashing down and landed on my foot.

Our laughter suddenly turned to me screaming! My brother pulled the toolbox off of my foot to a flow of blood gushing from a large gash near my ankle. I don’t remember what happened next.

What I do vividly remember was my parents discussion about whether or not to take me to the Emergency room for stitches. At that moment I experienced a thundering and profound inner clarity.

There was a “NO!!!!!” screaming in my head so absolute and potent that I was able to calmly, but with great energetic intensity, tell my parents that I would not need to go to the hospital with such conviction that they actually listened. This was the most astonishing thing of all!

Although that accident may have been traumatic for my body, what I remember most is the JOY of discovering my authentic No, my authentic Yes. I found my voice and my ability to take a stand for myself.

Realizing that I could say “NO” to what was not right for me and in so doing “YES” to what was right for me also opened my heart and mind to the possibility that I had a magical power to influence and create my life.

I still have a hefty scar on that ankle and maybe I should have had stitches…. Even though that opening to my power of choice as a conscious creator was only for a very short time, I never forgot it.  That day my little girl self took her first conscious step to become the authority and leader of her own life.

Think back to a powerful memory when YOU felt a deeply authentic definitive “NO”, arise inside, so clear that when you expressed it, the world responded.

And, what was the YES this gave rise to?

Recently I asked my 85 year-old Mom to describe one of the “treasures” from her learning in this lifetime.  Her answer was the inspiration for this blog post.

This is what she said:  “An immense treasure I’ve discovered is my ability to feel and express my ‘No’ and to take a stand for myself … it’s only taken me 85 years to get this one down!” She went on to describe the JOY she felt recently when informing her Doctor that she would not agree to a proposed surgery. I could sense the power of the clarity and the rightness of her decision too!


The skill of accessing and expressing our authentic knowing is also a PRACTICE that spans a lifetime.

Take a deep breath and open your heart and mind to the reality that you possess a magical power to influence and create your life. Practice finding the treasure in knowing what is not right for you throughout your day today and in so doing find your “YES” to what is!