I am grounded and build solid foundations!

Pathway number four is the Archetype of the

Symbols for Pathway Number 4

This article is dedicated to an exploration of “PATHWAY 4”: FOUNDATION, activation of the Number “4” Archetype and its specific gifts, powers, challenges, and opportunities to evolve within each person, within YOU!!

LIFE BLESSING - Life purpose 4

In the study of numbers as Archetypes, the Number “4” symbolizes our capacity to be grounded, to work, to build solid foundations in our lives, and to create and maintain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual stability.

The “4” path of development empowers us to persevere, to give consistent attention and effort through to the completion of a task, to manifest an intention, and to master a skill or a way of being.

The square

The four equal sides of a SQUARE symbolize the Number “4”. The four sides of the square can represent aspects of life that give us a sense of stability. These aspects are some of the things that remain constant and that we can depend on, including: the four seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter), the cardinal directions (east, south, west, north), the four common cycles of human life (birth, child, adult, death), and the four primary elements (earth, air, fire, water). The square is a building block that allows us to create a solid foundation on which to stand.


When I want to ground myself, I think of my body as a tree. I imagine that I have roots like a tree that penetrate the earth’s surface and extend down to the center of the earth. Sometimes I imagine wrapping my roots around a cluster of amethyst, or quartz, or a pillar of gold deep inside the earth. I then tune into the magnetic pull of gravity pulling me back into the base of my spine, into my legs and feet. I bring all of my attention and energy into my body and into the present moment. For me, roots of trees securely attached in the earth symbolize stability.

The beaver

According to the Universe of Symbolism , the “Beaver” is a symbol of the spirit of work, that makes constant effort as the architect  of our lives, and never gives up! “Beavers” are symbolic of having the foresight and vision to scout locations, make the plans, and then carry out the vision and engineering and building of their dam and lodge. The meaning of “Beaver” is all about becoming a master builder, of being a visionary dream maker, of locating the perfect spot for a home, and then building security and storing abundant resources.

If you are looking to become a master architect of your life, look no further than the ever-industrious spirit animal, the “Beaver”.

I am grounded, down to earth, and at home in my body
I am disciplined with what is important to me
I am consistent and tenacious
I am capable
I have great patience
I enjoy working!
I like to contribute in a “down to earth” pragmatic way
I love to build
I’m fascinated with systems
I like to research and work within systems
I value structure and stability
I find pleasure in the habits I’ve developed to make life easier and more efficient
I see the importance of ‘necessary limitation’, to choose a focus and to stay with it even when this means letting go of other options
I ground the spark of inspiration through step by step actions in the material world
I am devoted in my relationships
I provide stability for others, a rock and a shoulder to lean on task, project or to manifest an intention
I possess the spirit of work and can sustain my effort through completion and manifestation
I am serious about getting “it” done
I provide a sense of grounding when the storms of life pass through
I am very organized or aspire to be
I LOVE systems and order
I am interested in and invest energy in my physical health
I love the feeling of a job well done
I provide the necessary foundation for every creation
I don’t mind dealing with mundane aspects of everyday life because
I know this results in successful
I am here to help others feel safe
I am dependable
I appreciate security and tradition
I can figure out how things work
I remain grounded and can think clearly even when things go wrong
People are comforted by my stabilizing presence
My grounded being provides a platform for Higher Consciousness

I am not grounded or aware of my body
I am easily confused
I have trouble focusing
I am undisciplined
I feel incapable
I resist or rebel against structure and organization
I resist work and taking care of the mundane details of life
I resist routine and perceive it as drudgery and even slavery
I feel frustrated and critical when others make less effort than I do
I get trapped in work mode and disconnect from other parts of myself; in the extreme, I am workaholic
I can be rigid and polarized in my thinking
I am stuck in routines that are out dated and even destructive
I can be very serious about life and lose touch with the joy of living and the freedom and spontaneity to try new things
I can be stubborn and unwilling to see another’s point of view or become attached to the way things have been
I don’t like change
I don’t let go of things easily
I sometimes lack the patience to figure things out
I think others are lazy when they don’t keep up with my ability to focus and accomplish goals
I can become overly focused and lose touch with balance in my life
I lose touch with the reasons for creating solid foundations in my life, so I don’t have the structure to embark on new adventures
I have trouble sustaining my effort and give up before reaching my goal


Dali Lama

This beautiful soul, the 14th Dali Lama of Tibet, Tenzin Gyatso, is an example of someone whose very presence on the planet conveys a sense of stability and continuity, especially to the people of his country even while he is living in exile. His immense and steadfast devotion to his embodiment and role as spiritual leader, and his constant spiritual practice are an inspiration to humanity and a demonstration of Number “4” qualities, such as humility, devotion, patience, tenacity and steadfast presence and focus (wikipedia.org).

An ld man pleading to someone.

Ellen Shefi

I recently interviewed my friend Ellen. I knew that her Life Purpose Archetype is a “4”, and that she demonstrates so many of the gifts and powers of the BUILDER.

Here is a synopsis of what I learned about how Ellen’s natural attraction to these concepts, as well as her embodiment of Number “4” qualities, have manifested throughout her lifetime.


As a child, all Ellen ever wanted to be was a fortuneteller. For Halloween, she would dress up with costume jewelry that belonged to her mother and grandmother. She would wear a purple skirt, a turban, and she carried a crystal (glass) ball. In seventh grade she did a science project on the study of phrenology , the study of bumps on the head used to diagnose health. She even bought a Styrofoam head to make her own phrenology map. Ellen spent days at the Cleveland Public Library looking through books from the 1800’s on this topic and taking copious notes. In eighth grade she did a science project on native plants, learning to identify, preserve and press them into her own botany/herbal book.

In high school Ellen learned about witchcraft, with a special interest in brews, herbalism, and plant medicine. This interest evolved into a Bachelor of Science degree in nutritional research and biochemistry at the University of Michigan.

In college, she also studied practical botany to further her knowledge on plants, and how to grow and care for them.

Ellen’s consistency of interest and her tenacity of focus took her on another detailed research project about the witch trials in Salem.

She spent many days at the University of Michigan’s Law Library, where and she even learned to read Old English so she could do research with primary documents to produce a significant paper on this topic.

Ellen moved to Israel where she learned how to use herbal formulas from a Moroccan Medicine Woman, and the use of poultices, herbs and other modalities from an Egyptian healer. While in Israel, she apprenticed to a Naturopathic doctor for 3 years. In order to participate in this apprenticeship, she had to get up at 4 am & take a two hour bus ride to arrive at his office office in Tel Aviv when it opened at 6:30 am! This doctor, in his 80’s at the time, taught Ellen iridology and continued her training in the application of herbs for healing.

Ellen moved back to the United States to attend the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) in Oregon. Her program included courses in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. She discovered she had a love for and an aptitude in this ancient healing system. She took to it like a duck to water, shifted her focus to Chinese Medicine and has been in practice for the past 29 years!

Although Chinese Medicine became the foundational system and platform for her work as a healer, Ellen also incorporates many other healing systems and modalities that she learned throughout her life: crystals, diet, massage, aromatherapy, tuning forks, color therapy etc. Thus, she uses her own unique methodology in her practice today.

Ellen described to me how she wakes up each morning before seeing her clients, tunes in with her intuition (remember that little fortune teller?), and receives a unique treatment plan for each patient that utilizes a specific combination of the many tools she has in her tool kit.

Ellen discovered a way to create a solid foundation for the expression of her interests and talents and intuition in the service of others to achieve very practical results, the treatment of pain and illness.

Practical application of one’s gifts is a high value to the “4”.

As an example of her ability to focus and build stabilizing routines into her life, Ellen has been participating in the daily practice of “Qigong”, an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques, and focused intention. She has awakened every day for the past 3 years to practice “Qigong”. Now, that takes some discipline and devotion! To learn more about this ancient practice click here.  At the end of our interview, Ellen said, “Although I am very “alternative” in my life and my healing practice, I’m also VERY grounded!” I know this to be true and I love this about her capacity very much. I always feel more grounded after spending time with Ellen.

To learn more about Ellen’s Acupuncture Practice, go here

An Activation practice For Pathway 4

  1. Shift your focus to a state of deep inner receptivity; close your eyes; bring awareness to the rise and fall of your chest as you breath in and out. With each exhale, tune in more consciously to the part of you that knows what it feels like to be grounded and stable in your body, mind, emotions, and spiritual connection.
  2. Take several deep breaths. Imagine that you are a tree. What kind of tree are you? What season are you in? Are you young or mature? How deep are your roots? The depths of your root system will clue you in to the state of your grounding right now.
  3. Breathe deep and awaken your capacity to enjoy the sensation of your attention into your body, this moment, location on the planet and down into your roots. Imagine your roots spreading out and going even more deeply into the earth as you continue to breath deeply and bring your focus back to you.
  4. Your entire system is becoming more coherent and stable with each breath. Feel the nourishment of the earth contributing to your stability and notice how you feel when you become more grounded.
  5. Now imagine yourself in the sunshine standing barefoot in warm fertile soil. What happens when your bare feet touch the earth?
  6. Tune in to the grounded Master BUILDER Archetype within you and notice what shifts in your attitude and body when you do. Notice if your sense of competency and safety increases.
  7. Invoke all the superpowers of “4” including: the spirit of work; the love of systems, order, discipline, & structure; the ability to go far in your research and interests; your deep devotion in relationships; your ability to focus; and your resolve to never give up.
  8. Set intentions for every aspect of your life: to value this beautiful “down to earth” and pragmatic part of you; to even more consciously build and maintain systems and routines that support and increase the health of your body, relationships, finances, career, and well-being.
  9. Acknowledge the essence of your ability to do the work of translating your dreams and heart’s desires into reality on the material plane.
  10. Tune in to all the gifts and powers that the Number “4” represents, including your capacity to enjoy the peace of stability within life’s sea of constant change.
  11. Tap in to the power of having a solid and warm sense of safety in your base that makes it even more possible to reach up to the Light of Higher Consciousness. The deeper and more stable your root system, the higher you can ascend into the realms of Spirit in your spiritual practice and your connection with the Divine.
  12. Complete this activation with this statement: I am grounded and stable. I build solid foundations!


I am Hyperion, the tallest Giant Redwood skyscraper, intertwining my elaborate, symbiotic root system with those of my brethren.

I am the engineer who designs planes, trains, and automobiles and the runways, railways and roads upon which they travel. (The sky couldn’t be re-designed, so I left it as is.)

I am the 5-year old, my attention completely captured by the magic of Legos, as the world of my imagination comes to life right in front me.

I am the parent who sets boundaries and creates a family life structure that encourages growth for my children while maintaining a safe space.

I am the CEO of a leading edge technology firm, bringing together the right people and capitalizing on great ideas to build an empire.

I am the cell, the building block of the human body.

I am nature’s dam builder, the beaver, building ponds that not only create a safe place to live for me and my family, but also contribute to a healthy ecosystem.

I am the spiritual leader providing continuity and stability for my followers in what often seems like an ever-changing, unstable world.

I am the acupuncturist, well versed in using the intricate, connected energy pathways of the meridian system of the human body, for the treatment of pain and illness.

I am the cardinal directions, north, east, south and west. Ever present to support your orientation.

LIFE BLESSING - Foundation