I give freely and love unconditionally

Pathway number two is the Archetype of the
Humanitarian healer

Symbols for number 9

This article is dedicated to an exploration of “PATHWAY 9”:
CONTRIBUTION, activation of the Number “9” Archetype and its specific gifts, powers, challenges, and opportunities to evolve within each person, within YOU!!

LIFE BLESSING - Life purpose 9

In the study of numbers as Archetypes, the Number “9” symbolizes our capacity to experience conscious interconnectivity with all creation. It is the last of the “9 Pathways of the Soul” and therefore represents contribution.

As a human expression, Archetype “9” can be described as the “Humanitarian Healer”, motivated by the unity principle to contribute to the greater good of others and all of life from a state of selfless service. The greatest capacity of the “9” is the capacity to love unconditionally and to hold the agony and the ecstasy of the whole world within a heart filled with compassion, and to forgive!

The Nine Pointed Star

The Number 9 can be symbolized by a 9-pointed star. In geometry, the nine-pointed star is sometimes called a nonagram.

We are all familiar with the #9: “A stitch in time saves nine”, and “cats have nine lives”. Interestingly, as the highest single-digit number, “9” symbolizes completeness in many religions, and it reveals a mirror symmetry among numbers: if any number is multiplied by nine the resulting digits always add to nine: 2 x 9 = 18; 3 x 9 = 27, 4 x 9 = 36 and so on. The Hebrews referred to nine as the symbol of immutable Truth. The Ennead, or nine-pointed star, is an ancient and sacred symbol. It comprises three trinities. The Egyptian, Celtic, Greek, and Christian myths all have an ennead of nine gods and goddesses, representing the entire archetypal range of principles.

In the Baha’i Faith, the belief is that the 9 major religions of the world, represented by the symbol of the nine-pointed star, are part of God’s continuing revelation of His Will for Humankind, and each person has a right and an obligation to pursue truth independently, free of coercion. Thus, religious freedom is essential for the progress of Humanity.


The Caduceus

The caduceus is a symbol of Modern Medicine. The word caduceus can be traced back to the early Greeks, and perhaps even several centuries BC.

It has had a variety of historical uses and meanings over the centuries. Its association with medicine is sometimes traced to Roman mythology, which describes the god Mercury seeing two serpents entwined in mortal combat. Separating them with his wand, Mercury brought about peace between the snakes, and as a result, the caduceus came to be seen as a sign of restoration and peace. More recently, the caduceus is widely recognized as a symbol of medicine and health care practitioners, particularly in North America, where it is associated with healing, medicine, fertility, and potency.

  • I find fulfillment in completing things
  • I love to celebrate everything, especially completions
  • I accept that death is not separate from life and that it is just as important to acknowledge loss as it to celebrate the endings that come with accomplishments
  • I have a strong and consistent drive to contribute to the well-being of others
  • I adore and celebrate the beauty of the human spirit
  • I am deeply motivated to contribute to the creation of a better world however I can
  • Contributing to LIFE makes my life worth living
  • I am often moved to assist or support the “underdog” and seek to level the playing field
  • I am often called to transformative justice work
  • I am at my best when giving my best to all beings: people, animals and plants, the environment…
  • I’m especially touched by the vulnerability and needs of youth, the elderly, and animals
  • I understand the power of truth and reconciliation processes for restoring harmony in relationships
  • I know how to forgive, even when it seems irrational to do so
  • I can forgive unconditionally which allows me to continue to live with an open heart
  • I can give and forgive unconditionally
  • I LOVE to give presents
  • I give more than I receive
  • I embody the spirit of generosity and prosperity consciousness of the heart
  • I have more than enough love and resources to share with others because I give from an overflow of an inner source
  • It’s not important to me if I get anything back for my contribution to others directly
  • I trust that what goes around comes around
  • I respect and honor the vast spectrum of human emotions including the more uncomfortable emotions such as fear, anger, or grief, in others and myself
  • I adore all expressions of human creativity in all disciplines, in all art forms, including the Healing Arts
  • I adore all expressions of awareness of shared humanity and any effort by any individual or group that recognizes the truth of our interconnectivity
  • I know that when I contribute to one person, the blessing of this healing interaction ripples out through the field of our interconnectivity into the fabric of the whole
  • I have great tolerance and celebrate diversity
  • I have the capacity for deep emotional presence and awareness and can easily empathize with others in a way that is healing
  • I teach through example by radiating my energies to others
  • I trust in the universal law of reciprocity and that all my needs will be met as I continue to give selflessly from a state of unconditional love
  • In the intensity of my desire to contribute to others, I can lose awareness of “self”, leading to depletion and burnout, poor health, or relationship troubles
  • I have more compassion and love for others than I do for myself
  • I over-empathize with others and traumatic world events in a way that pulls me out of my center and ability to contribute, leading to feelings of fear and hopelessness
  • If I go way too far from self-awareness and care, I can become a MARTYR, exhausting myself, resentful about my giving, and even blaming others for my condition when I’m “giving so much”
  • I can be a doormat or co-dependent in my desire to contribute to the well-being of others
  • I have a hard time completing things
  • I don’t like endings. I hold on to people, places, and things
  • I refuse to forgive or have trouble forgiving fully and freely
  • I avoid feeling the depth of my grief when experiencing loss
  • I feel disconnected from a sense of “Purpose” when I only focus on myself
  • I don’t want to know about the suffering of others and shut myself down to awareness of tragic or troubling global situations and issues
  • I can be intolerant of those who are intolerant
  • I care more about others than I care about myself
  • I am highly emotional and sometimes struggle with mood swings
  • I don’t trust humans and wish I could separate myself from the whole


Kwan Yin

The goddess “Kwan Yin”, spelled “Guanyin” in East Asia, is a spiritual figure of mercy, and a bodhisattva associated with compassion as venerated by Mahayana Buddhists. The name Guanyin is short for Guanshiyin, which means, “Perceiving the Sounds (or Cries) of the World”. She is known in English as the Mercy Goddess or Goddess of Compassion and Mercy. For me, Kwan Yin represents the humanitarian capacity to be conscious of the suffering of others and desire to contribute healing energy through thought, prayer, or action.


Oprah’s heart is as big as the world! And, she emanates the essence of the “Humanitarian Healer” through her many mediums of creative expression, including her philanthropic efforts over the years. She is on a mission to bring public awareness to individuals, communities, and world situations in need of healing and we love her for it!


In 2004, Winfrey became the first black person to rank among the 50 most generous Americans and she remained among the top 50 until 2010. By 2012 she had given away about $400 million to educational causes. As of 2012, Winfrey had also given over 400 scholarships to Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. Winfrey was the recipient of the first Bob Hope Humanitarian Award at the 2002 Emmy Awards for services to television and film. To celebrate two decades on national TV, and to thank her employees for their hard work, Winfrey took her staff and their families (1065 people in total) on vacation to Hawaii in the summer of 2006.

In 2013, Winfrey donated $12 million to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture. President Barack Obama awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom later that same year.

To read about Oprah’s Angel Network, a charity that supported projects and provided grants to nonprofit organizations around the world, her work in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the Oprah Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa, and her life journey CLICK HERE.

Activation practice for Pathway Nine super powers

Shift your focus to a state of deep inner receptivity; close your eyes; bring awareness to the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe in and out. With each exhale, tune in more consciously to the part of you that knows how to ground and stabilize in your body, mind, emotions, and spiritual connection.

Take several deep and conscious breaths as you imagine yourself walking on a path through a glorious field of interconnectivity near the base of a majestic snow-capped mountain that soars up into a blue, blue sky.

With each step, each rejuvenating breath, you move through this magical field and find yourself irresistibly drawn towards a “Healing Fountain” fed by pure mountain spring water at the base of the mountain.

Continue to breathe deeply and increase your openness to receive healing as you fill your lungs and heart with the soothing, yet energizing beauty of the field of interconnectivity and the mountain as you approach the “Healing Fountain”.

When you arrive at the fountain, take note of the details of the fountain… what does your “Healing Fountain” look like? How do the healing waters flow? How do the healing waters sound as they cascade and flow? How does it feel to be so near to a potent source of healing energy?

Take a moment to really take in the sights and sounds of this sacred site as you stand near and bask in the presence of the Fountain of Healing.

Now, in your mind, formulate a request for healing. What part of you, your life, the lives of specific others, or crisis situations in the world right now, do you most deeply desire to heal?

Let yourself tune in to the emotion underneath your request… sadness, anger, fear, hopelessness, hope, joy, faith, …. or whatever is truly present, and bring all of these emotions and your desire for healing into your heart awareness.

Tune in to the “Healer Archetype” within you and notice what shifts in your attitude and body when you do. When you are ready, invoke all the Superpowers of Number “9”, including your ability to be a conduit of healing.

Silently ask for a healing from the Healer within through the magical waters of the “Healing Fountain”.
Reach your hands into the healing waters as your entire body, mind, heart, and soul are cleansed, renewed. That which is out of balance is being restored in the transformative energies of the living healing waters pouring into your hands and through every fiber of your being.

Take a few final deep breaths soaking immense feelings of unconditional love and compassion from the healer in you. Know the healing has now begun and that your request has been heard. Know that as you are open to receiving healing for yourself or send healing energy to others that you also contribute this energy to the greater good of all beings through the field of our interconnectivity.

Soon you will complete this guided journey and go about your day or evening energized and sparkling with activated healing power and the ability to contribute to the wellbeing of self and others.

Complete this activation with this statement: In the Spirit of Oneness, I contribute freely and unconditionally.


I knew from a young age that my journey through life would be one of helping others know their own worth and empowering them to share their gifts with the world.

I am your daughter or son who never fails to amaze you with the depth, breadth, and action oriented expression of my compassion and empathy for the poor and vulnerable.

I am one of the multitudes of medical staff who know it is my calling to volunteer my time, energy, and skill in disease and poverty stricken countries.

I love you unconditionally, share your joys and sorrows, absorb your pain, make you laugh, and do my best to heal the world one person (or family) at a time.

I am the 1st responder in a disaster (firefighter, paramedic, police officer…), who willingly and knowingly puts my life on the line to save the lives of countless others.

I am the consummate movie goer, completely fascinated and enthralled by the stories of humanities’ beauty and suffering, told through the art of the actor, the eye of the director, the lens of the cinematographer, the emotion of the music, and the countless hours of devotion from the multitudes of those behind the scenes.

I march proudly and bravely with you and so many others who know that it is our time, our right, our responsibility, and our privilege to speak out against injustice, prejudice, and hate.

I know I will be heartbroken if you don’t make it through your cancer treatment, but I still choose to be your Chemo Pal®. Making a difference in your young life, makes all the difference in mine.

My soul’s fulfillment is to be your guide, mentor, inspiration, and teacher in how to make the world a more peaceful and more loving place.

LIFE BLESSING - Contribution