The world receives my gifts and reflects them

Pathway number two is the Archetype of the

Symbols for number 8

This post is dedicated to an exploration of “PATHWAY 8”:
MANIFESTATION, activation of the Number “8” Archetype and its specific gifts, powers, challenges, and opportunities to evolve within each person, within YOU!!

LIFE BLESSING - Life purpose 8

In the study of numbers as Archetypes, the Number “8” symbolizes our capacity to manifest needs and desires, hopes and dreams from thought to reality, and from heaven to earth! On this pathway of development, we discover our power to bring our gifts into the marketplace of life and engage with the world, including the exchange of energy with others through the medium of money and other assets.

The octagram: the eight-pointed star

The Octagram, or Eight Pointed Star, is a symbol of Number “8”. It has a variety of different meanings based on the interpretation of the culture or spiritual system that is using the symbol. From the Judeo-Christian perspective, the eight-pointed star represents new beginnings.
The octagram also represents duality. Each point of the square represents the four cardinal directions and the four elements: air, water, earth, and fire. When this symbol is viewed as 2 overlapping squares, ( Ref 1), the top square of the octagram represents the positive aspects of the elements, and the bottom square represents the negative.

The Greek philosopher Pythagoras believed the Octagon was the Embracer of Harmonies and linked it to safety, steadfastness, and everything that was balanced in the universe. To explore the geometry of the Octagon CLICK HERE.


A “manifestation” song

Listening to the song, “Money Is Coming To Me” by Karen Drucker can be a playful way to tune into prosperity consciousness. Enjoy!

  • I have a strong drive for mastery that shows up in many areas of my life
  • I am motivated to actualize my ideas and aspirations from a deep place inside
  • I am at my best when doing something that will lead to an impact on the world
  • I’d rather get up and start creating and manifesting my day than lazing around doing nothing
  • I enjoy relaxing through creative projects most of all
  • I understand the value of money and desire to master how to make, spend, save and invest it
  • I love to give money to others
  • I need to be empowered and in charge of my life
  • When centered in the deepest truth of who I am, I access prosperity consciousness and can give from the overflow
  • I understand success and prosperity can be experienced in all dimensions of human experience
  • I can manifest an abundance of time, harmonious relationships, and opportunities to serve and empower others
  • I am powerful in the world in a way that is just right for me
  • I understand the right use of power
  • I prioritize the development of my ability to consciously create
  • I experience a sense of joyful alignment when birthing dreams into reality, no matter how large or small
  • I am on a quest to harmonize my spiritual and physical world, as above so below
  • I am willing to make a great effort to be successful
  • I need to be successful in a way that also contributes to the well being of others
  • I love to make things happen
  • I also love to magnetize people, opportunities, and resources to me
  • I am more than enough
  • I have more than enough
  • I am valuable, what I have to contribute is valuable
  • I believe the Universe is abundant and that I exist in a field of infinite possibilities.
  • People are attracted to my power and ability to get things done
  • I like to apply spiritual laws to material affairs
  • I am a soul in the marketplace of life
  • I can sometimes enter into a state of scarcity consciousness where everything is difficult and manifesting what I need seems impossible
  • I can be overly driven to create or make things happen
  • I can become out of balance with my need to work towards my goals as well as my need for relationships and rest
  • I sometimes push myself beyond my physical limits, which can lead to accidents or health troubles
  • I don’t understand or have patience with, people who dream but don’t do anything about it
  • I have lots and lots of great ideas but I don’t know how to bring them through to reality
  • I have a hard time accepting the need for the sustained focus of desire and effort when bringing a dream to reality
  • I avoid doing the work required to manifest
  • I don’t believe I can manifest
  • I enjoy being in control and at times can misuse my position of power to get what I want at the expense of others (consciously or unconsciously)
  • I don’t see the value in learning to make, spend, save and invest my money
  • I can go too far in contributing to others and foster co-dependency
  • I give money away to prove to myself that I am valuable
  • I feel unworthy and believe I am not enough
  • I’m good at getting things done but often fail to check in with my Higher Self to make sure the items on my ‘to-do list are motivated from a true sense of living in alignment with my Life Purpose


Goddess Lakshmi

The Hindu goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, represents eight aspects of wealth: victory, patience, health, knowledge, nourishment, prosperity, mobility and monetary wealth. With one hand she reaches up to the heavens to access spiritual wealth and with another, she reaches down towards the earth and offers a never-ending stream of golden coins, symbolizing prosperity consciousness manifesting on earth as it is in heaven.


Me and my mom, Shirley

I asked Shirley how she experienced having an Archetype “8” Life Purpose and this is the first thing she had to say: “I decided very young that I was never going to be broke!” Even though her life was not always easy, Shirley was able to manifest what she needed, including whatever it took to provide her with enough money to meet these needs, and even to generously share with others! This was easy for her only when she was clear about what it was that she wanted to manifest! She possessed a fierce determination to improve herself in every way, every day, and she was always willing and able to give it her “all”. (The photo above was taken of Shirley just six weeks before she made her “leap into the Light”.)

Two ladies holding a cake

Shirley began her work career as a telephone operator at age 15 (she told them she was 18). She went on to become the mother of four children and to work as a Physical Therapist and Property Manager. She worked in the “marketplace of the world” well into her seventies, contributing to the care of others and to keeping that money flowing in!

Shirley understood the immense power of being able to translate needs and desires into reality through the exchange of money and influence. She respected the value of money as a means of independence, life creation, and contribution to the lives of others.

Contribution to others was Shirley’s highest value and she wanted to always have the means to do so. She loved to give money and other things to the people she loved, including cars, two of which were given to me during my youth. She kept stashes of money everywhere, in coat pockets, her filing cabinet, and even in a little purse tucked in her bra at all times.

Shirley lived the spirit of generosity and confidently expected life to provide for her if she put in her share of effort. She paid for some of the tuition for my Doctorate of Ministry degree. If it wasn’t for this financial gift, I wouldn’t have enjoyed this wonderful educational opportunity.

She embodied the power to manifest as an expectation that she would be in charge of taking care of herself to the very end of her life, even when that meant that others were helping her to do so.

At the late age of 87, she was still manifesting her life daily, attracting and organizing an ongoing stream of care providers, a wonderful chiropractor that she visited often physical and other types of therapists who came to her room for treatments, and much more. Her calendar was always filled!

Shirley was determined to constantly improve her relationships, and she wrote letters to Holy Spirit often. And she was engaged with improving her health and organizing her health care, and even paying her bills right up to the very last day of her life.

During the last five “golden years of her life, as a true Elder, Shirley’s focus shifted from physical contribution to the lives of others to spiritual contribution. Over time and much spiritual practice, she manifested a relationship with the Divine that she had dreamed about and longed for in her earlier years.

She shared the beauty of her spiritual wisdom with all who were open to it. As she matured into an instrument for the Divine to shine through, the most powerful manifestations of her lifetime came through her prayers for others.

I observed that the MAGIC of Shirley’s GIFT for manifestation originated from and was motivated by love for self and others. Many people in her life called her “Mother Love”!

Although she is gone from this world, she continues to manifest in me as a comforting warm light in my heart.

Activation practice for pathway two superpowers

Shift your focus to a state of deep inner receptivity; close your eyes; bring awareness to the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe in and out. With each exhale, tune in more consciously to the part of you that knows how to ground and stabilize in your body, mind, emotions, and spiritual connection.

Take several deep breaths as you imagine yourself walking through a bright golden meadow surrounded by fertile green rolling hills. With each step, each rejuvenating breath you realize this meadow is a magical field of infinite possibility… Breathe the expansiveness and abundance of the universe and fill your lungs and heart with great JOY!

You are now approaching the entrance to the enchanting “Marketplace of Manifestation”. With each step, your thoughts are becoming fewer and farther apart. It is quiet and peaceful in this meadow.

As you wander through the field of possibility, a desire drops into your awareness. There is something you want to experience, express, create or contribute. What is it??? Take a moment now to become more aware of something, or experience, that you desire to manifest. Let the heart’s desire form in your mind and feel the need that motivates it and the emotion that energizes it. Now let the energy of your desire form into a ‘dream seed’.

In a little while, you arrive at the entrance to the Marketplace of Manifestation….

Stop here and take in the sounds and sights of a magical outdoor market where everything that one could ever want or need is available. There is much purposeful activity going on, people exchanging wares and services, exchanging money, and sharing their creative gifts, each person bringing a unique contribution to the market.

Now, tune in to the “Manifestor Archetype” within you and notice what shifts in your attitude and body when you do.

In the center of the Market is a lush magical garden filled with the most unique plants and flowers of all descriptions. This is your “Garden of Dreams”. It is here that you can plant your dream seed and fill your being with the sure certainty that what you want is possible. Plant your seed now and water it well!

After some time in the garden tending to your seed, ask the Wise One within you what next actions steps to take to empower your dream seed to sprout and grow into a lived reality. What is the first next step? What is the second? Is there a third?

Invoke all the Superpowers of Number “8” including your ability to birth your heart’s desires into reality, to be powerful in your life, to have more than enough to contribute to others, to walk with confidence in the marketplace of life in an abundant state of mind.

Take a few final deep breaths relaxing in your Dream Garden within the Marketplace of Manifestation. Soon you will complete this meditation and go about your day or evening energized and sparkling with activated power and prosperity consciousness.

Complete this activation with this statement: The world receives my gifts and reflects them.


I may have many ideas, I may only have one, but I effortlessly get these ideas out of my personal think tank into the public eye.

I am not afraid of revealing and sharing my creations in the national and global markets so that they can be distributed throughout the world.

I am the always-busy person everyone goes to when they want to get something done.

I am the classmate voted “most likely to succeed”, who actually did, and now has a thriving business, a loving family, is well respected within the community, and is obviously happy and satisfied with my choices in life.

I am the inventers and innovators of the world whose greatest joy is to design new and better products to make life easier and get them into the hands of those who will use them.

I clearly ask the universe for what I want in my life, and trust the process, which includes taking action towards achieving my goals, having an attitude of gratitude, and getting out of my own way.

I am the athlete whose drive, ambition, and willingness to make the necessary sacrifices paved the way for receiving three Olympic gold medals.

I am your somewhat annoying Pollyanna friend who sees the bright side of things more often than not, somehow always lands on her feet no matter what life throws at her, and makes it all look ridiculously easy. (It’s not, really, you just don’t see how hard I work at maintaining a conscious, intentional mindset of ease, abundance, and appreciation)

I expect the world to receive my gifts and reflect back the value and I’m usually really good at “psychic shopping”!

I am your beloved grandmother whose greatest joy and fulfillment in life was to mentor you, and so many others, to align with Spirit and bring your dreams into reality.