High Vibe Success Key #4: Life Is A Sacred Mirror

We’ve been conditioned to believe our external world is separate and more real than our internal world. Do you remember the first time you suspected that perhaps this conventional truth is not actually true at all? 

A Reflected world

Think back. Do you remember the first time you noticed a glimmering of awareness that what you feel and see inside affects your experience in the world?

Quantum Physics suggests that what’s happening on the inside determines what’s happening on the outside. Our world is shaped by our thoughts and feelings. Since nothing is fixed and everything is in a state of potential, everything is possible. We co-create our own reality through the way we think and feel – in other words, via our unique and personal perception of reality. We draw into ourselves that which we perceive as real.  

I was 11 years old when I first realized, in some mysterious way, that life can serve as a mirror for who and what we are, our beliefs, desires and intentions. Before I tell you about my ‘Josephine the Rainbow Snake’ light bulb moment, and the Mystical Principle it represents, I want to say you have always known this…you have always known.

Life is a Sacred Mirror even when we are unaware of it. 

Realizing the Sacred Mirror 

My pivotal moment of conscious realization came when I first experienced my ability to energetically influence reality and it wasn’t very pleasant. It started in Mrs’s Rizzi’s 5th grade classroom. I had studied really hard for an important test, and upon taking it, felt so proud of myself, certain I had aced it!

A few days later Mrs Rizzi slowly walked around the room passing out the graded tests. Excited and impatient to see my test, anticipation built and my stomach churned a bit. She was taking FOREVER to get me my test. Then there were no more tests to be passed out. I listened in disbelief when Mrs. Rizzi told me she had somehow lost my test. Incredibly sad with tears threatening, I quickly went from pleased anticipation to frustrated devastation.

Echoes of the feeling of devastation followed me into the classroom the next time I had to take a test. I couldn’t shake the anxiety and dread this would happen again. 

It happened again. And again.

A Light Bulb Moment

The third time it happened the light bulb went on. This was my first conscious ah-ha moment when I intuited my fearful expectation the test would be lost again was somehow contributing to it happening.  

In that light bulb moment I found myself wondering what would happen if I tried something different. Thankfully, I also remembered another pivotal moment in my young development, from the year before. My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Parsons created a book report contest for our class with Josephine the 4-foot rainbow colored stuffed snake as the grand prize. That is exactly what happened!

Josephine was mine! I wanted her  with every fiber of my being and spent hours and hours at the library writing book report after book report, motivated by a conviction that I could and would win this prize. That is exactly what happened!

I was just a girl when I first recognized I could choose what to believe and where to focus my attention to influence an outcome.

Your “Josephine the Rainbow Snake” Moment

How about you? Can you remember a moment when you chose to believe and it came to be? One of your “Josephine the rainbow snake” moments?  

Can you recall a feeling of absolute conviction, SOUL CERTAINTY when you KNEW something into being. Maybe even despite obstacles that came up along the way? 

Life is a mirror of who we are and a reflection of our power to observe, choose, and influence the outcome with how we focus our energy and attention. 

What you see, feel, and know as possible already exists. It is real. It waits for you to become a vibrational match to experience in the tangible world; to choose Soul aligned possibility and hold the energy of certainty. This is the state of being we want to cultivate in ourselves, to support and empower in those we serve.

You know this. I’m just here to remind you.  


Below are suggestions for your self discovery practice or to pass along to clients: They may seem simple but trust me, if you do this work, you will be amazed at what opens up. It’s not enough to observe without participating to get results with these success keys. Consistency and repetition are required

Not everyone journals, so any form of creative expression can be used as a way to consciously participate in one’s own evolution and life creation process. Alternatives to journaling could include:

  • share your response to the journal prompts below with a supportive friend or colleague
  • voice record to text on your phone as an alternative to writing
  • create a collage, painting, piece of music 
  • explore body movement or dance to express and embody your responses


  • What is the Mirror of Life showing me today? What’s the message in this reflection? How can I apply this realization?
  • What’s the first “Josephine the rainbow snake moment” that comes to mind when something I knew inside, with Soul Certainty manifested? What does Soul Certainty feel like in my body, emotions, thought? 
  • Notice a place in you or your life circumstance where fear tends to arise and fill in the blanks to refocus into possibility: 

I choose to have________.

I choose to be_________.

I choose to make _________.

I choose to create__________.

I choose to know_________.

I choose to enjoy _________. 

I choose to receive______.

Our practice of observing and understanding Life a Sacred Mirror evolves slowly throughout a lifetime. I understand this principle more comprehensively now than when I was 11, that’s for sure! It’s still a mystery and yet a vital key to experiencing Soul Aligned-High Vibe Success inside and out.