High Vibe Success Key #5: Clear Your Soul Filter

Hello Bright Light,

I really like what my friend, Rick Archer often states in his interviews on Buddha at the Gas Pump, “Take everything I say as a working hypothesis.” The Great Siddhartha Gautama Buddha put it this way: “I am a finger pointing to the moon. Don’t look at me; look at the moon.”

Every attempt to describe metaphysical (more than physical) dimensions of ourselves and life will always fall short. Yet, here I am trying anyway because human “pointings” to the indescribable can sometimes induce glimpses into a deeper truth. I offer this pointing towards what I have discovered to be an essential High Vibe Success Key: Clear Your Soul Filter.

When I first tuned into the focus for this month’s blog post, the words “SOUL FILTER” dropped in but that was all. I asked some friends what this metaphor meant to them, and each person had a slightly different take. Apparently, there can be many Soul Filters but clearing our Karmic Filter is the work I consider to be the fundamental purpose of human existence. Whatever clogs the filter is here for us to clear for the expansion of joy, love, and experience of Unity.

What is a Karmic Filter?

The Karmic Filter represents the healing and development we came into this life to experience. Our direct experience of the soul’s divinity is filtered by the Karmic Filter, the limiting beliefs, unprocessed emotions, and associated behaviors that block the body-mind from being available to more light. These are meant to be healed, cleared, and illuminated with SOUL radiance.

Clogged filters can get pretty dark!

They say what we resist, persists. That’s especially true at the core of the psyche where our Karmic Filters become projections onto the outer world. There is a certain point on the path of Soul embodiment where making the inner work of clearing the Karmic Filter becomes a top priority.

What qualities and tools can we align with and use to face our triggers and clear the Karmic Filter?

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light,
but by making the darkness conscious”

-Carl Jung

Consider Enantiodromia & Compassionate Bravery

Boredom, depression, loneliness, helplessness, shame, fear, anger, and/or grief are some of the symptoms that can indicate a clog in the filter. What if, instead of retreating, we go all the way in, be fully present with the experience until it transforms into its opposite?

“Enantiodromia” is a Jungian term and concept referring to the process whereby one seeks out and embraces an opposing quality from within, Internalizing it in a way that results in individual wholeness.

We know the way out is often ALL the way IN, but that’s no simple task! Our capacity to stay connected with the non-dual qualities of SOUL such as compassion for ourselves is a prerequisite for a successful filter clearing. Compassion replaces the tendency of punishing critical self-judgment so healing can happen.

“One day of compassion is worth a thousand without”

-Thich Nhat Hanh

Great compassion, bravery, courage, and focused intention are required to move through our habitual Karmic Filter avoidance and resistance patterns. It takes commitment to finally welcome, embrace, and fully feel the associated emotions, thought forms, and body sensations. Specifically, those that were once beyond our capacity to safely feel and integrate.

Patience is also required. More often than not, the clearing process of healing and liberation rarely happens all at once. Usually there is an unfolding, layer-by-layer, throughout a lifetime, with each trigger exposing a deeper layer. As more and more light is free to pass through we spend more time in a state of presence and Soul streaming inspired living.

Along with self-compassion and bravery, there are many tools and methods for “Karmic Block SOUL Filter Clearing”. Here are some suggestions:


Practice the art and skill of staying present with destabilizing emotion that arises when a filter clog has been triggered. This visualization is a potent tool for helping you, or someone you are guiding through the process, to feel their way through to resolution.

Let’s use an irrational fear perpetuated by a Karmic Filter block as the example:

Imagine yourself as a resourceful, protective, and grounded adult presence while simultaneously watching part of you as a young child climbing into bed and getting ready to sleep. The child is in a completely supported and safe space. Your younger self is nestling into a cozy bed with a favorite stuffed animal, relaxed and settling into sleep. That is until the light goes out and the room becomes dark. Then the child has a thought, “What if there’s a monster under the bed?”, which sets off a wave of anxiety, fear, and panic.

Notice your empathetic emotional resonance as you watch the child suffering. Tune into where you feel the sensation of fear in your body without trying to take the suffering away. Instead, stay with the sensation and let it move through the body, over the shoulders, down the arms to the hands, and through the legs. Stay with it. Experience the emotion completely. Until it begins to turn into its opposite, an expansive peaceful relaxation of body and mind pouring through you.

In all my decades as a coach and healer it has been my observation and personal experience that mastering the skill of remaining firmly grounded in the adult/Higher Self function while allowing the triggered parts of us to be experienced emotionally and somatically all the way through is directly proportional to our success however we define it.


Give yourself the gift of reaching out for support. Seek help when you bump into a Karmic Filter clog that is not resolving with your efforts.


With an SOS to the Divine, we can also reach IN for help from SOUL and SOURCE. Set your intention to receive guidance, healing, and reconnection to the deeper truth through your spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, or nature connection.

Whatever challenge or struggle you might be experiencing right now I hold you deeply in my heart and prayers for liberation and breakthrough!!!! Click HERE for a brief prayer of intention for you.

Dear precious instrument of the Divine, may your intention and efforts to heal and clear your Karmic Filter be deeply supported and blessed beyond measure with infinite boundless love, healing, and transformative power. May these forces of Grace shine through you as you hold the compassionate space for others moving through their clearing process. So be it.