At 84, after almost 60 years of being the most caring and care-full mom she knew how to be, it has become clear that my mom now needs more care herself. She is choosing to make a transition from independent to assisted living. While helping her pack the other day, a framed photo of Mom […]

Evolutionary Parenting Visionary

  PARENTING VISIONARY! We know our words can never accurately convey truth that is constantly updating! And yet, I also believe that when we tune in to emerging possibility together and give voice to our evolving understanding something new opens up for us all. Please join me in the co-creation of an evolutionary parenting/living vision […]

First Moon Rising

A Girl’s Rite of Passage Documentary Film Hello Bright Light, You know that feeling of waiting for perfect right timing before stepping on to a escalator, diving into a wave, or merging into fast moving traffic? Well, I’ve been waiting for that perfect moment to write to you and in so doing begin a new […]