2017 New year cycle change

We are now entering the 2016-2017 New Year Gateway for Personal Year and Collective Year Archetype Changes.


From mid December into mid January, your “Personal Year Number Archetype” for 2016 will come to completion and your “Personal Year Number Archetype for 2017” will begin to kick in.

To discover, or review, your “Personal Year Number Archetype” (PYNA) information Click HERE.

Once you know your (PYNA), consider creating a special Mantra to use as an anchor to the energetics and knowledge of your (PYNA) for 2017, or using one of the Mantra suggestions below:

Number 1: I am, I will, I can.
Number 2: I harmonize and co-create.
Number 3: I express myself freely.
Number 4: I ground and build.
Number 5: I expand my freedom.
Number 6: I love and serve myself and others.
Number 7: I am spiritually awakening.
Number 8: I manifest ideas to reality.
Number 9:I contribute to better world.


Our “Collective Year Archetype” is also in transition!

Ending a year is like finishing a book in a series, knowing that everything revealed and learned will be the basis upon which the next book in the series is written.

The “Collective Year Archetype” for 2016 has been the “Number 9” and represents the culmination of a nine-year cycle.

To read more about the Number 9 Click HERE.

With the beginning of the New Year 2017, our “Collective Year Archetype” will transition to the “Number 1”.

In this number based system, all numbers reduce to the essential numbers 1-9, which is why the “Collective and Personal Year” cycles are in 9-year increments.

This New Year influence of Number 1 invites Humanity to call in a New Vision for the future of our world. 2017 will be the year we plant seeds for what will evolve during the next 9-year cycle.

“Number 1” is considered to be the path of self-development and invitation for each one of us to align our personal will with Divine Will as we develop a new Vision for what we choose to stand for and stand against. Number 1 encourages follow through with action!

My vision for humanities future includes our collective ability to evolve from an egocentric sense of self into a multi-perspective “We Self”!

What seeds for our collective future will you plant during this New Year Gateway?

A Mantra for our Collective Year 2017: We are, we can, we will, Thy will!

To read more about the Number 1 Archetype Click HERE.