Your personal year

Give yourself the gift of reflection time, during the transition between years, to metabolize your experience and harvest wisdom. This will make it possible to start the New Year fresh and open to the new influences of your divine design that come with the beginning of a New Year.One component of the “SOUL STREAM Life Map and Mastery System” I teach is called the “Personal Year Number Archetype (PYNA)”. Your PYNA will change at the beginning of each new calendar year.

Tapping into the knowledge and wisdom from your “PYNA” can help you process and integrate your learning from this year and prepare to welcome the year to come.

The formula to calculate your Personal Year Archetype Number is easy:

Month of birth + day of birth + current calendar year = PYNA

EXAMPLE: March 19, 2016

Month of birth: 3
Day of birth 19 (reduced to 1+9= 10)(10 reduced to 1+0=1) 1
Calendar year: 2016 (reduced to 2+0+1+6 = 9) 9
Personal Year: 3+1+9 = 13 (reduced 1+3 =4) 4

“Personal Years” unfold in 9-year cycles. So, when 2016 ends, my “Number 4 Personal Year” will transition and 2017 will be influenced by the “Number 5: Movement and Freedom. Once we come to the end of the 9 years, we will begin with “1” and a new 9-year cycle will begin.

For a brief description of each PERSONAL YEAR NUMBER ARCHETYPE read on! To read in more about the “Pathway of the Soul”, that corresponds to your “PYNA” Click HERE.

Number 1 Personal Year: A good year to begin a whole new way of being, a new project and to put energy into self-development.

Number 2 Personal Year: A year when partnership and collaboration is favored. Peace with self and others is a focus.

Number 3 Personal Year: A year when creative self-expression is important and invited, a time to express what’s been hidden, to lighten up and enjoy!

Number 4 Personal Year: A year of work to create supportive structures and systems for stability and health.

Number 5 Personal Year: A year of new experiences, adventure, movement and change. Opportunity to take some risks and try new things

Number 6 Personal Year: A year where focus on marriage, home, family, intimate relationship with self and others in energized. Skills are updated and relationship needs attended to.

Number 7 Personal Year: A year for exploring the deeper meaning of life, to study, seek inner guidance, to invest in spiritual development.

Number 8 Personal Year: A year to come out into the world more powerfully and exchange energy with the world, to bring ideas into manifest reality.

Number 9 Personal Year: A year to complete what is left undone or to let it go, to celebrate the beauty of Life, to give unconditionally and be a compassionate healing presence where ever you are.

Examples of how my “PYNA” #4 has manifested in my life experience:

2016 has been a “4” or “Foundation Building” year for me.

The Number “4” Archetype is known as the “Builder”. The skills and capacities we evolve on this path of development include grounding, stability, structure, and systems.

After my Mom’s death last April, and without her presence in this world to lean on, I experienced a de-construction and then reconstruction of my grounding system. The structure of my family system has changed. I’m now the elder wise woman in my family!

I also constructed and launched two new on-line group programs, a tribute to my Mom’s legacy that lives on through me and the power of creating structures and systems.

The current program that is running now is called: MASTER YOUR SOUL CODE: Love Your Life – Life Your Purpose: An On-Line Course For Aspiring Women Click Here!

Without all the work in the background to put systems in place for this course to be offered, there would be no course and I wouldn’t be enjoying the fabulous honor and joy to be sharing this training with 11 extraordinary wise women!

What is your current Personal Year Number Archetype?

How do you sense this influence has played out in your life experience this year?

What is your New Year Personal Year Number Archetype?

How can this knowledge inform your intention setting and direction for the New Year?