2017 New Year Intention Ritual

Illumination of Possibility

Every one of us has a sacred purpose, a life mission to accomplish. This is not something that you “should be” but a presence and a contribution that you are “meant to be”.

The advent of a New Year is a supportive time to realign with the truth of who you are and why you are here, to make space to listen to the whisper of your soul’s intentions and set those intentions for the year ahead.

Intentions are creation seeds.

Once our intention seeds are planted in the New Year energy we will nurture them with our actions. We participate in conscious life creation and the unfolding of sacred purpose alignment and a daily emergent future.

I’m excited to share this ritual with you. Here’s how to prepare:

1) Make a date with your Soul. Choose a date and time frame and mark it on your calendar.

2) Decide where you will do your ritual and be sure it’s a place where you will be undisturbed.

3) Gather your materials (all material suggestions are optional, except for “a”)

  • Piece of paper, pen, and envelope
  • Fabric for an altar cloth
  • Candle/s and lighter
  • Incense
  • Essential oils
  • Meaningful objects for your altar (for example, I will have a photo of my Mom)
  • Flowers
  • Music that puts you into a meditative state
  • Book of poetry or prayer that inspires you
  • Oracle tool of some kind such as a deck of angel cards or the I Ching
  • Anything else that you know would contribute to the creation of ‘sacred space’ for your ritual

4. Suggestions for the day of your ritual:

  • In a slow and mindful manner, prepare your space by decluttering and cleaning
  • Remove distractions (cell phone, house phone, shut down all programs except this video, shut any open doors)
  • Set up your computer so you can watch the video below when it’s time to begin
  • Turn on your music
  • Symbolically clear and bring yourself present by taking a shower, bath or washing your hands
  • Create your altar and be sure to have your letter writing materials at hand
  • Wait to light your candle/s/incense or apply essential oils, we will do this together
  • last, you have arrived at your Illumination of Possibility space, it’s time to shift from a doing to being state
  • Start the video, take a nice deep breath and follow along