Manifesting Mandala

Manifesting ideas from inspiration to lived experience is a skill that can evolve into a natural ability, especially when the idea originates from a place of deep soul connection, guidance, and passion.

Today in meditation when I asked for soul guidance about what to share in today’s blogpost, just when I opened my eyes the “Manifesting Mandala” (see below) passed across my computer’s screen saver, showing a image saved in my photos. In that instant, I just “knew” that this is what the Universe wanted me to share with you today.

Throughout our lives we will continue to learn and evolve as we journey on “Pathway of the Soul Number 8: The Manifestor“. We continue to develop our skills and expand our capacities to manifest our hearts desires, dreams, and life solutions into reality from the day we are born to our last breath.

Below you will see the “Manifesting Mandala” I created to support your manifestation process today.

The mandala art was created just for us by my dear friend, Reverend Paul Shaffer. Rev. Paul and I became friends when we went through a Masters Program through the Naropa Institute.

The mandala image includes sacred geometry of the “Number 8 Archetype”, the octagon or 8-pointed star!

The soft pink colors remind me of the gentle, quiet state of soft deep receptivity that I practice when opening to receive guidance for action steps to take in a manifestation process.

For Example: When I received the “clear knowing” to offer you this mandala prayer tool, I then asked for action steps to manifest that idea and this is what came to mind:

1. Go find the mandala image in my photos
2. Upload to an on-line photo editing site called www.picmonkey.com
3. Write a prayer into a text box as a layer on the image.
4. Insert into eZine.

Very specific divine guidance indeed!


Before you deeply contemplate the image and offer the prayer, take a couple of moments settle down inside and think about one thing that you feel deeply grateful for. Relax into a feeling state of true gratitude. Once you feel grounded and grateful, contemplate the image and offer the prayer in your own way. When you are finished, write down the impressions you receive.