Your personal year number archetype


If you’ve been in my community for a while you know I teach the SOUL STREAM METHOD to Transformational Leaders, Healers, and Coaches. Our new client assessment process is based Life Mapping System I learned from my Mom that’s based on the numbers that can be decoded from one’s full name at birth and birth date.

Along with Nature’s cycle change influences, I’ve been tracking, observing, and aligning with the “Soul Code influence” of what I call the “Personal Year Number Archetype (PYNA)” for decades. I’d like to share this information with you.

In this system every individual has a “Personal Year Number Archetype” that influences their experience and opportunities to evolve in particular ways each year. It’s useful to understand these influences for own development, and if you are a Practitioner, for supporting those you serve.

The formula to calculate your Personal Year Archetype Number is easy:

Month of birth + day of birth + current calendar year = PYNA

EXAMPLE: March 19, 2019

Month of birth: 3

Day of birth 19 (reduced to 1+9= 10)(10 reduced to 1+0=1) 1

Calendar year: 2019 (reduced to 2+0+1+9=) 

Personal Year: 3+1+3 = 7

The Personal Year Number Archetype changes at the beginning of each new calendar year and follows a nine-year progression. So, for example, if your current PYNA is a “2”, the next year will be a “3”.

As we enter the final quarter of this influence for 2019 I invite you to consciously tap into the knowledge and wisdom of your “PYNA” to fully received the opportunities and gifts it offers before the New Year cycle change.

PYNA Influences in a Nutshell

Number 1 Personal Year: A year to envision new ways of being, new projects, and to give time and attention to self-development.

Number 2 Personal Year: A year when partnership and collaboration is favored. Peace with self and others is a focus.

Number 3 Personal Year: A year when creative self-expression is important and invited, a time to express what’s been hidden, to lighten up and enjoy!

Number 4 Personal Year: A year of work to create supportive structures and systems for stability and health.

Number 5 Personal Year: A year of new experiences, adventure, movement and change. Opportunity to take some risks and try new things.

Number 6 Personal Year: A year where focus on marriage, home, family, intimate relationship with self and others in energized. Skills are updated and relationship needs attended to.

Number 7 Personal Year: A year for exploring the deeper meaning of life, to study, seek inner guidance, to invest in spiritual development.

Number 8 Personal Year: A year to come out into the world more powerfully and exchange energy with the world, to bring ideas into manifest reality.

Number 9 Personal Year: A year to wrap things up, to harvest the learning and gifts of the past 8 years, to allow for completion and letting to. Honor what has been and create space for a new vision for what is to come.

To explore you PYNA influence in greater depth check out our “Meet the Archetypes” blog posts

My intention to harvest the gifts of my (7) PYNA before the influences fades:

  • Accept the quiet times of resting without guilt and resist the habitual urge to get busy doing something “productive”.
  • Stop fighting the desire to enjoy inner focus, spiritual practice, reading, researching, writing, quiet behind-the-scenes activities.
  • Let go of effort to create or manifest anything and instead let manifestation happen effortlessly through magnetic presence.

If you’d like to make the most of the closing quarter of the year:

  • Find your PYNA for 2019 and do a little reading about it (or just tune in intuitively).
  • Reflect upon how this influence has been showing up in your (inner and outer) experiences and take note.
  • Consider which aspects of your PYNA you want to pay more attention to and harvest the gifts of during the remaining months of this year.

May the conclusion of this cycle of your PYNA bring all of its possible gifts

to you and your clients.