Our Lady of the Rose Crown

carRecently during morning meditation, I received guidance to have a photograph of a very special rose that I received made into a 5”-7” print that I could frame and put on my home altar or to take with me when traveling. The rose was given to me by my teacher Thomas Hübl during last months “Timeless Wisdom Training” retreat that I attended. All the women at this retreat were given a rose as a symbol of the beautiful and deeply moving “Sacred Marriage Ritual”. Central to this ceremony was the uniting of the masculine and feminine principles within the hearts for all the men and women who participated in this retreat.

My thought was to keep my rose photo nearby to help me remember the vow I made as part of this ceremony to wholeness and my commitment to be Married to Life… to stay present in order to receive whatever blessings or challenges life gave to me, no matter how easy or difficult!!!

The capacity to remain receptive and open is a feminine quality and one of the Life Mastery Keys that I have learned through my exploration of Pathway of the Soul “Number 2”.

Yesterday morning I picked up my rose photo at Walgreens and put it on the dashboard of my car as I drove on to do errands.

The day turned out to have some emotionally turbulent moments.

I received disturbing news about a family member and felt the emotional impact like a shock wave through my body. Later that evening I was triggered into an old fear reaction pattern when my son didn’t come home on time and I couldn’t get ahold of him while I was watching his children, my grandchildren. (As it turns out, he was fine, and just running very late with work and no cell phone reception).

Through it all, somehow, I practiced staying present and receptive to embrace whatever arose in my outer and inner experience… to be with, feel fully, and then go on to the next moment with an open heart and mind.

When I returned home that evening, there was a package waiting for me, a totally unexpected gift from a friend, who had also received one of the roses during the “Sacred Marriage Ritual” at this retreat.

As I opened the package, I opened my heart to receive the gift and I opened my mind to receive message of the gift.
Inside the package was a note that read: This “Mother Mary Oracle” was gifted to me some time ago and as I sat down with it today, I had a clear message to send it to you. It feels like it is meant to be with you now”.

I opened the deck of cards, closed my eyes and picked a card. The one I picked was entitled: Our Lady of the ROSE Crown!!!! The synchronicity of receiving this gift felt like God winking at me.

I share this story to encourage our collective practice of:

• Deep receptivity to inner guidance as we navigate choices
• Deep receptivity and acceptance of ourselves, as is!
• Deep receptivity to the miraculous underlying nature of our everyday lives
• Deep receptivity to the grace of non-resistance to help us move like water through our emotions and the river of experience
• Deep receptivity of open hearts to receive the gifts that are already on the way!!!!!