A Path to joy

creativeI’m passionate about sharing my knowledge about the “9 Pathways of the Soul” with you because understanding each pathway provides  powerful keys for life mastery!!!

Today’s post is dedicated to the “Pathway of the Soul Number 3” and the Artist of Life within you, within us all. The artist within knows that creative expression gives birth to joy! In a previous blog post I discussed this Number in more detail. Click here to review.

There was very little joy in my heart when I woke up this morning…..

Instead, anxiety coursed through my body and my thoughts darted from one “what if” fear-based image to the next. When I leaned into the intensity of the sensations, without trying to make them go away, a river of tears began to flow and pour down my cheeks in a sweet healing release.

It’s been five months since my Mom took her leap into the LIGHT. I miss her being here, on the planet, where I can hold her hand and talk with her… still.

Part of me thinks I should be farther along with this grief process. This part doesn’t want to face or even admit how shaky, vulnerable, and ungrounded I feel sometimes since her death. This part wants to repress these painful feelings.

Does this ever happen when your emotions are intense?

Do you still turn away from intense emotions… from events in your past or even about situations that are happening in your life right now?

Shutting down any aspect of our true feelings simultaneously shuts down our capacity to feel the full range of our joy in living.

There is another vast and wise part of us, The Artist of Life within us all.

The Artist Within (sometimes called the “Divine Child”) encourages something very different when we experience difficult or ecstatic emotions!!! She invites us to bring what’s inside out of the darkness and into the light of our awareness through some form of creative expression.

She encourages us to be brave, to feel what’s inside and then channel these feelings, pleasurable or painful, into some form of creative expression. I’m doing that right now as I write this note!

What form of creative expression do you use for processing challenging feelings?

Using the “Mastery Key” you can recovery your JOY. This simply moves repressed emotional energy through any form of creative expression.

Creative self-expression can take infinite forms and includes all the classic art forms such as writing, poetry, painting, drawing, dancing, drumming, singing and sharing feelings with a friend.

In addition to sharing my experience with you through this writing, I’m going to pull out my felt pens and create an image of where I sense the energy is still blocked in my body and then draw streams of healing light into that place. I’m going to reach out to friends who love me dearly and share openly and vulnerably. I’ll probably cry.

Creative expression truly is a liberating path to joy.

Later that day…

I translated my difficult emotions into a forms I could share. I experienced a gradual lightening up inside, like the first morning rays of sunrise illuminating the sky.

I felt my energy flowing again!!!!

This “Life Mastery Key” is truly amazing and really works. Try it!