Pathway 2: Peaceful Partnering



This post is the second in a series exploring the 9 Pathways of the Soul. For an overview of the Pathway system, an explanation of how to determine your “Life Purpose” Number and to read about previously discussed Pathways, Click Here!

Today’s post is dedicated to an exploration of “PATHWAY 2” and an activation of its specific gifts, powers, and challenges within each person, within YOU!!

PATHWAY 2 MANDALA (Created for Life Blessing Institute, by Rev Paul Shaffer)

In Numerology, the Number “2” symbolizes all pairs of opposites – the duality in matter (day and night, male and female, black and white, yin and yang). The “2” vibration is the energy of balance, peace and diplomacy. It is the energy that follows the Number “1” (LEADERSHIP), and “2” supports the ideas put forth in Number “1”. The sensitivity of 2 allows one to strengthen and support the manifestation of one’s goals, intentions and bring harmony to life”. (Reference 1)

In the SOUL STREAM: Life Map and Mastery Pilot Program, each student contributes a presentation on one of the Numbers in the SOUL STREAM Mapping System. Number “2” was presented in class by Pamela Wirth. An excerpt from her presentation for Number “2” includes these four concepts:


• Yin Yang
• Water
• Movement
• Heart


Yin-Yang: The classic Yin-Yang implies two perfectly balanced halves of a whole, each holding within itself a part of the other. This is the crucial aspect – it represents the ability to sense the other in myself, to see things from their perspective in addition to my own, to feel what they feel.

Usually, yang is associated with the functional aspect of an object, and has more energetic qualities: moving, ascending, expanding, heat, bright, progressing, etc. Yin, on the other hand, is associated with the physical form of an object and has less energetic qualities: stillness, descending, cold, dark, latent, etc. Rather than seeing things and people as isolated, the world is viewed as a harmonious and holistic entity.
(Reference 2)

Water: Water is the ultimate solvent of life. No life on earth can exist without it. It distributes nutrients and carries toxins away. In its fluid state, water always seeks to level and is in motion until it is level with itself. It is constantly in motion within all living bodies, and all over the earth it is constantly in movement by changing its state from liquid, to solid such as ice, to steam. Like water, Number “2” is a conduit, naturally distributing, absorbing or re-directing energy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water).

This video includes video clips from two years of slow motion ocean with iPhone by Fubiz

Two Years of Slow Motion Ocean with iPhone

Slow Motion Ocean during 2 Years in Video (by Ryan Pernofski)

Posted by Fubiz on Thursday, February 4, 2016


Screen ShotMovement: Imagine a beautiful Pas De Deux – two dancers are performing a breathtaking, dynamic, harmonious, intimate dance together. The Number “2” principle is not each dancer and not their sum total – it’s what the two dancers create together, what’s between them, their shared dance. This movement includes the qualities inherent in each dancer which enable them to create this beauty: listening to the other’s body, tuning in to the music, sensing into the dynamic space between each other, contributing a movement at exactly the right tempo, timing and force.

This link will bring you to a video by Norman McLaren that portrays the “2” capacity to blend and harmonize in partnership through the beautiful pas-de deux adagio, one of the most exacting and difficult dances of classical ballet. A ballet originally choreographed by the Russian ballet master Asaf Messerer is performed for this film by the internationally known Canadian pair, David and Anna-Marie

Heart: Perhaps one could say that the Heart is the original Number 2 archetype in the physiological realm. There is a simple movement at the core of life, a pulse – expansion-contraction. There is a simple movement at the core of life, a pulse – an expansion and contraction, a primal rhythm, a heartbeat.

Heartbeat, which is a pulse between beat 1 and beat 2 of the Heart, both movement and rhythm, is at the core of our life, in fact it is our life. A coherent heart rate, meaning when the rhythm is smooth and balanced, feels good to us as humans. We experience positive emotions and our body systems function at their best, contributing to an overall sense of wellbeing. These states of coherence are fleeting, they change when new impulses arise and everything changes. But the heart always entrains the other organs and systems back into coherence (See NOTES: Heart: Reference 3).

Thank you Pamela for your contribution to the Number “2” Archetype!
Pamela Wirth, is a Transformation Life Coach and Maiden Spirit (www.maidenspirit.com) Mentor who lives in Sebastopol, California. She is currently enrolled in the SOUL STREAM Life Map & Mastery Pilot Program to learn how to provide Soul Maps consultations for her clients.

#2 SUPER POWERS: When an individual has developed a balanced and mature 2 Archetype attributes include the following:

I value peace and harmony above all
I am the calm within the center of the storm
I expand to include the opposites
I am the perspective of both/and
I support, yield, contain, embrace, flow
I hold space and presence
I am a state of being rather than doing
I support others, and love to work in the background
I am the power behind the throne
I am deeply sensitive and receptive to my feelings and the feelings of others
I simultaneously set, hold, accept, and honor boundaries
I am a skillful communicator
I have the gift of diplomacy and mediation
I am a calming presence
I pacify
I integrate
I can hold multiple perspectives
I navigate and coordinate many different, even conflicting, needs into a coherent whole
I can maintain a state of neutrality within conflict
My peace is valuable and important for the good of the whole
When I am at peace so are we.

When an individual has an undeveloped 2 Archetype, attributes often include the following expressions:

I have difficulty flowing with the energy, emotions, thoughts, and opinions of others
I am afraid of and therefore I avoid conflict
I believe others will abandon or punish me if I stand up for and express myself
I will sacrifice my peace for the peace of others; I then feel victimized and resentful
I can be insensitive to my own feelings and needs
I am so focused on others that I can’t set appropriate boundaries
I allow others to take advantage of me, then I criticize and blame them
I often say something without considering consequences
I do not have great communication skills
I get overly focused on details and lose the big picture
I don’t make decisions easily
I am too sensitive and I over react to what others say or do
I feel chaotic inside and have trouble integrating my thoughts and feelings
My thoughts and feelings are chaotic, and I am filled with inner conflicts
My perspective in life is polarized, black or white, either/or.
I have difficulty getting along and working with others, both individuals and teams
It’s hard for me not to be in charge and to support others from behind the scenes.

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Kwan Yin: Kwan Yin is considered to be the “Bodhisattva of Great Compassion”. I consider the human capacity to embrace differences within a greater field of compassion to be a fundamental key to peace making and peace keeping!

Tracey and her Dad, Bobby:

This is my father Bobby, the gentlest, kindest and most peaceful hearted man I know. My father has lived his life devoted to and in service of our family, and continues to do so at the age of 79.

Everyone who meets Bobby loves him instantly and feels that he would do anything for them…..and he would. He easily and naturally puts others before himself and will do whatever it takes to keep harmony in a relationship. He is like a chameleon who can blend with any situation at any moment.

My father has worked alongside me and my brother for many years now in a family owned business. He shows up every day eager to support us in any way needed. He is willing to work behind the scenes to keep the mundane daily tasks at hand, offer guidance, even sacrifice his own time and energy to provide us with his ever-present calming energy. He continues to choose service to others over his own retirement. It is what brings his heart the greatest fulfillment. I have been blessed to experience the love and devotion of such a lovely soul. I am proud to call Bobby my dad.

As a student in the SOUL STREAM Life Map & Mastery Pilot Program, I recently discovered that my father’s Life Purpose corresponds to the Number 2! This information confirmed what I have known and experienced my whole life with my dad. He is a peacemaker, sensitive, loving, and devoted to those he loves.

Mahatma Gandhi

Peace Maker: Mahatma Gandhi

When I think of Peace Maker icons, Mahatma Gandhi comes to mind, as one who stepped out from the behind the scenes and took his stand for peace without fighting with others to win it. His commitment to peace was absolute and the ripple effect of his ability to protest injustice through non-violent methods, a beautiful embodiment of the “2” archetype in us all. Gandhi was the preeminent leader of the Indian independence movement in British-ruled India. Employing nonviolent civil disobedience, Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. His vision of an independent India based on religious pluralism, however, was challenged by many.

This is an extreme example of someone expressing attributes of the peacemaker archetype and perhaps exhibiting the “peace at any price” tendency of 2 that I do not advocate or recommend.

(Reference 4)


You can activate the gifts and powers of the Number 2 Archetype both at will and when needed!!!

For example, a great time to invoke the “2” super powers within you could be in a situation in which there is a conflict that you notice you want to avoid. Call upon “2” to activate the capacity and skills needed to address the conflict and navigate it using diplomatic communication and ability to hold all sides of the conflict with equal respect and presence as you negotiate for understanding and peaceful resolution.

Activating the Number 2 Archetype of Peaceful Partnering will strengthen your ability to remain centered in the knowledge that facing conflict directly opens up possibility for you to facilitate and attain a higher degree of peace and harmony.

Here is the method for activating your “2” Super Power:

  1. Shift your focus to a state of deep inner receptivity; close your eyes; bring awareness to the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe in and out. With each exhale, tune in more consciously to your heart.
  2. Imagine yourself standing in the center of the electromagnetic field generated by your physical heart and acknowledge how the rhythmic beating of your heart balances and creates a harmonic stability within all systems of your body, generating a state of coherence, even when you have no conscious awareness of it.
  3. Focus on your heart as a personal peacemaker!
  4. Tune in to the gentle, behind-the-scenes strength of the harmonizing function, not only in your physiology but within all dimensions of being and in your contribution to others.
  5. Call forth the part of you that can work quietly behind the scenes to contribute harmony and peace where ever you go, and especially in all your relationships.
  6. Feel your sensitivity to self and others increase, providing the information you need to navigate differences, to be clear about what is yours and what is not.
  7. Tap in to your ability to know and hold your own boundaries, as well as to sense and respect those of others within a field of gentle, loving kindness and compassion for all.
  8. Tune into the essence of the Peace Maker and Peace Keeper within you growing stronger
  9. TTune into the essence of Peace, your ability to move and flow like water, and all the gifts and power that the Number 2 represents.
  10. Complete this activation by affirming this statement, “WHEN I AM AT PEACE, SO ARE WE”.



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3. NOTES: Heart

“…coherence refers to wholeness and global order, where the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts.” (Institute of Heartmath;Science of the Heart;Coherence)

“the term physiological coherence to describe the degree of order, harmony and stability in the various rhythmic activities within living systems over any given time period.[163] This harmonious order signifies a coherent system, whose efficient or optimal function is directly related to the ease and flow in life processes.” (Institute of Heartmath;Science of the Heart;Coherence)

“When functioning in a coherent mode, the heart pulls other biological oscillators into synchronization with its rhythms, thus leading to entrainment of these systems. Entrainment is an example of a physiological state in which there is increased coherence between multiple oscillating systems and also within each system.” (Institute of Heartmath;Science of the Heart;Coherence)

4. Peace Maker: Mahatma Gandhi: Kek Lok Si temple, Air Hitam, Penang