Daily miracle

To keep my energy flowing into my “Life Purpose Calling”, I practice what I call my “Daily Miracle”.My “Daily Miracle” is a combination of activities that help me connect with my body, commune with my soul, and fill myself with the joyful aliveness every day while I support others on their “Journey”.

Each morning when I wake up I set an intention, declare an affirmation, and schedule time during my week for self- care practices such as meditation, movement, and journaling. Below is an example of my “Daily Miracle Practice”.

I call it my “Daily Miracle” because it always feels like a miracle to actually accomplish!!!

Intention: To do what I can in each moment to remain spiritually connected, positive, and creative as I move forward step by step.
Affirmation: I am a radiant source of positive loving energy that flows into everything I do and into everyone I meet.
Self-Care Activities: 30 minutes of meditation in the early morning, a 15-minute walk after dinner, and journaling before bed.

Here are some questions to consider:

• How do you keep your energy positive and flowing?
• What are your favorite ways to give energy to your own foundational well-being?
• What does a “Daily Miracle” practice look like for you for today?

I sometimes wonder if what we think of as “under-achieving” on our path to actualizing our full potential is really just a natural protective mechanism to remind us to take better care of ourselves and prevent “burn-out”…