Meet the archetypes

By Melissa Shaw & Georgette Star


“Meet the Archetypes” is an invocation and imaginative journey through the “9 Pathways of the Soul”.

Every human being is on a life-long journey to learn and evolve skills and capacities along each one of these nine distinct archetypal pathways of human development.

The affirmation statements below are meant to call forth greater awareness of Pathways (1) and (2), the “Leader” and “Peace Maker” in you. The more you fully integrate and functionally utilize the gifts and powers of each of these realms of development, the easier it will become to meet the demands of everyday life.

Stay tuned for future installments of “Meet the Archetypes”!




I am the bloom that flowers on the bush still barren of leaves in mid-winter-the first harbinger of spring.

I am the precocious child who herds all the other children into line, even when I’m not in front.

I am the great aunt, you know, the one everyone calls eccentric (with air quotes), who always seems to be in style, even when I clearly, am not.

I am the lead goose in the V formation honking loudly to keep the flock flying in the right direction.

I am the plethora of firsts: First woman to graduate from high school in her family; first black psychologist in the city; first to climb Mt. Everest; first transatlantic flight; first female jockey to win the Triple Crown; first to walk on the moon, first woman prime minister, and coming soon to a White House near you, first woman president of the USA.

I am the mother or father who lives the life I want my children to positively learn from.

I am the one who leans into my sense of Purpose and inspires you to lean into yours; who encourages you to follow your heart and to lead others to follow theirs.

What symbol comes to mind when you tune in to the “leadership archetype” in you?

What happens when the “leader” hasn’t yet developed the needed skills or goes into hiding?

How do you feel when the “leader” in you is activated and embodied?



I am the in-between sibling who mediates the “he said-she said” quarrels between my brothers and sisters.

I am the clearing skies and brilliant sunset signaling the end of the thunderstorm.

I am the first to say, “I’m sorry “.

I foster and encourage loving relationships between dogs and cats living in the same household.

I am the diplomat who facilitates a dialogue of shared values and best outcomes between leaders of warring countries.

I am the musician who creates the haunting melody flowing forth from a Native American Flute eliciting the urge to stop, listen and just breathe.

I am the star-studded sky just before midsummer dawn inviting you to experience the immensity of peaceful silence.

I am the neighbor who waves and offers a smile every time you drive by when I’m sitting in my yard.

I am the quiet, cool, and dark of the universe after the disintegration of the primordial fire; the pure potential in the emptiness, waiting for the chaos of creation to emerge.

I am the infinite receptive darkness of YIN, ultimately supportive like a good nights sleep.

What symbol comes to mind when you tune into the “peacemaker archetype” in you?

What happens when the “peacemaker” hasn’t developed the needed skills or goes into hiding?

How do you feel when the “peacemaker” is activated and embodied?