Artist and Builder

By Melissa Shaw & Georgette Star

“Meet the Archetypes” is an invocation and imaginative journey through the “9 Pathways of the Soul” dedicated to supporting your being and becoming. Every human being is on a life-long journey to learn and evolve skills and capacities along each one of these nine distinct archetypal pathways of human development.

The affirmation statements below are meant to call forth greater awareness of Pathways (3) and (4), the “Artist” and “Builder” in you.

The more you fully integrate and functionally utilize the gifts and powers of each of these realms of development, the easier it will become to meet the demands of everyday life and more fully actualize your radiant soul potential!

If you missed Pathways (1) the “Leader” or (2) the “Peace Maker” click HERE If you missed Pathways (3) and (4), the “Artist” and “Builder” click HERE and stay tuned for future installments of “Meet the Archetypes”!


I am the chef in my own kitchen, using a little of this, and a little of that to make a scrumptious dish that draws everyone in the household in to see what’s cookin’.

I am the photographer who sees something special in each and every sunrise and captures the power of the moment to share with others.

I am the mom, with a fully stocked arts and craft box, ready for entertaining and educational projects to work on with my children.

I am the sand castle sculptor, building scenes so real you would be unsurprised if the dragon came to life, the lion roared, or the Gnome winked at you.

I am the singer-songwriter-musician, creating not only the soul wrenching music I offer to the world, but re-creating my public image again and again.

I am the Green Screen special effects technician manipulating the digital data to convince the movie audience of the reality of Harry Potter scoring goals while flying on a broom in a Quidditch match.

I am the florist with a calling to combine just the right flowers, to create just the perfect arrangement, just exactly right for the occasion.

I am Mother Nature painting my landscape with an unlimited variety of shapes, and a multi-hued palette of colors, to inspire artists to create in my image.

I have many other names and faces: Painter, Sculptor, Architect, Quilter, Poet, Martial Artist, Musician, Actor, Director, Lyricist, Landscape Designer, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, Set Designer, Author, Barista, Dancer, Choreographer, Clothing Designer, Scrapbooker, Graphic Artist, Screenwriter, Contract Negotiator, Jewelry Designer, Entrepreneur…

Life is my canvas and I practice the art of living and every moment is an opportunity for creativity.

What symbol comes to mind to represent the “artist archetype” in you?

What happens when the “artist” hasn’t yet developed the skills or goes into hiding?

What does the “artist” in you feel like when fully activated and embodied?


I am Hyperion, the tallest Giant Redwood skyscraper, intertwining my elaborate, symbiotic root system with those of my brethren.

I am the engineer who designs planes, trains, and automobiles and the runways, railways and roads upon which they travel. (The sky couldn’t be re-designed, so I left it as is.)

I am the 5-year old, my attention completely captured by the magic of Legos, as the world of my imagination comes to life right in front me.

I am the parent who sets boundaries and creates a family life structure that encourages growth for my children while maintaining a safe space.

I am the CEO of a leading edge technology firm, bringing together the right people and capitalizing on great ideas to build an empire.

I am the cell, the building block of the human body.

I am nature’s dam builder, the beaver, building ponds that not only create a safe place to live for me and my family, but also contribute to a healthy ecosystem.

I am the spiritual leader providing continuity and stability for my followers in what often seems like an ever-changing, unstable world.

I am the acupuncturist, well versed in using the intricate, connected energy pathways of the meridian system of the human body, for the treatment of pain and illness.

I am the cardinal directions, north, east, south and west. Ever present to support your orientation.

What symbol comes to mind to represent the “builder archetype” in you?

What happens when the “builder” hasn’t yet developed the skills or goes into hiding?

What does the “builder” in you feel like when fully activated and embodied?