Ground your light

Keep Taking YOUR Next Inspired Footstep Beautiful Soul Photo: Monk walking on a rose petal path
Keep Taking YOUR Next Inspired Footstep Beautiful Soul
Photo: Monk walking on a rose petal path

Today’s post is dedicated to a continued exploration of Pathway of the Soul, Number 4: The BUILDER in you. If you would like to learn about this Archetype or refresh your memory about the Number 4 “Life Mastery Key’s” described in a previous blog post, click here

Over the past week, I’ve been channeling creative energy in a very focused way into a specific project. I’ve been building a new structure that will enable me to do what I love most, guide others into the knowledge and essence energy of their “SOUL CODE’S”: the truth, beauty and creative power of who they truly are.

I’ve spent many summer hours creating the concepts and envisioning the goals for this new course, working out the details, writing the text, working with an editor, and creating graphics for a course webpage. This entire process has been both exciting and time-consuming, and like all new projects in process, some creative moments have been more invigorating than others!

Instead of playing in the summer sun, I’ve been doing the WORK.

I’m sharing this to give you as an example of the BUILDER’S Mastery Key: we must do the pragmatic work it takes to translate an idea into concrete reality.

It may seem simple but it is also amazing to witness how so many of us stop short at one of the following steps during the “building” process:

• Stay connected to the Source of the inspiration and higher energy of our vision
• Commit to bring our vision from thought to form
• Create an action plan inspired by higher guidance
• Cultivate focus on our desired creation every day
• Take the step-by-step practical actions required to ground the energy of our vision
• Stick with this process through to completion

The Number 4 Pathway of the Soul: the Builder, is sometimes described as “the SPIRIT OF WORK”!

This Mastery key may not seem all that sexy at first, but without having a solid foundation, nothing can land!!! I love the builders and the workers of the world and I am growing to increasingly appreciate these capacities in me too.

Number 4 is about Grounding. I love this photograph of the roots of a tree so much and thought you might enjoy her too.