Your Manifesting Keys


  • The Divine is the source of your inspiration. Your Soul is your guide and Intuition is your compass for the manifestation journey in the marketplace of the world.
  • Align yourself with the abundance principle of the infinite Multiverse, of which you are an inherent part!
  • Contemplate this: like the Acorn, your future creations (the mighty Oak) exist within you now.
  • Acknowledge yourself as a natural creative manifestor participating in a natural creative process every moment of your life. It’s FUN to be a creator!! You create because you can….for the JOY of it!
  • Claim your manifesting POWER. Like the sun and wind, you too are a force of nature. Take ownership of your authentic birthright power like a sovereign Queen. Expect the world to receive your gifts and to reflect them back.
  • Know you are worthy of your desires and dreams. Unconditional self-love, acceptance, and validation activate a state of magnetic presence and synchronicity.
  • Remember that your value and well-being are independent of your envisioned results.
  • Align with your Soul’s Code and allow the space and time you need to explore possibilities without any pressure to move through the manifestation gateway until you know it’s time, even if resistance comes up.
  • When the time is right, from the sea of infinite possibilities, you will choose a creation seed for your focus.
  • Invite your creation seed directly into your heart and fall in love with it!!!!
  • Feel what you are experiencing when your dream comes true, now. Be excited about the result in advance. Cultivate a state of positive expectation.
  • Enter a “Yes” state of being through making a total commitment to manifest your creation seed.
  • Now, paradoxically, LET it GO! Hand your creation seed over to your Soul and the Divine.
  • Ask your Higher Self to bring into your awareness the most aligned next action steps to keep your creative momentum flowing.
  • When you find yourself in the “trying to figure it out” mode, do something to shift your state. Reconnect with your Soul’s inspiration and divine guidance.
  • Focus attention daily in the direction of your creation seed and the universe will conspire to help and support you.
  • Cultivate a state of open receptivity. Open heart, mind, hands, and whatever resources your creation seed needs.
  • Develop a positive, responsible love relationship with resources, including financial resources. Expect an abundant flow of resources to support your manifestation process.
  • When inner or outer challenges arise, consider using one or more of these keys to move through it: Do something completely different, fun, and rejuvenating. This can open space for an inspired solution or your next step to come through.
  • Tap into the tenacity and resilience of the Natural World to connect with your own.
  • Change your perspective: Remember, the challenge is evidence that your dream is on its way to manifest, not a sign to give up.
  • Invoke curiosity about the challenge.
  • Embrace any painful emotions such as anxiety, fear, overwhelm, disconnection, numbness, sadness, grief, or confusion, with presence and compassion. Emotional pain is a signal to pause and take care of what’s in the shadow right there.
  • ASK, ASK, ASK for support and specific help precisely where you feel challenged, or your creative momentum slows.
  • Allow yourself to deeply enjoy the pleasure of your moments in free moving FLOW STATE of moment-by-moment creative action taking.
  • Master the arts of seeking inner guidance and take massive action.
  • Schedule aligned action steps into your calendar with accountability.
  • Remember that the manifestation process is non-linear, there will be ebbs and flows, expansion and contraction, you will need to go back and repeat many of these Keys.
  • Once your creation seed has manifested in the world, celebrate, celebrate, CELEBRATE!!!! With reverence, give THANKS to the original source of your inspiration.