Winks from the devine

I experienced a BIG synchronistic moment recently and I’d like to share it with you.

Last week, in the on-line Program I am currently teaching called MASTER YOUR SOUL CODE, the class completed our exploration of “Pathway of the Soul, Archetype Number 8”. This Number Archetype is the pathway of human development where we evolve our skills and capacities as conscious co-creators. It includes our learning and expression in the marketplace of business and finance.

Before class that morning, I woke up at 4 AM from a lucid dream filled with energy!!!!

In my dream, I was riding a bike very fast and free down a pretty steep hill. It felt like I was actually flying, but I could still feel the earth beneath my wheels. As I raced to the bottom of the hill, I was thinking about my Mom (who died last April at the wonderful age of 87!) and appreciating her ability to manifest her needs and desires.

Then later that same morning, and after what had been months and months of anxiety, challenges, and delays, I received an email that gave me the go-ahead to finally settle her estate!!!

Just like in my dream, energy was moving as the solution to this issue manifested before my eyes!!!!! I immediately made a phone call to begin the process of settlement before my morning class even started!!!

Did I mention that my Mom, Shirley, had a Life Purpose Archetype of Number” 8???

Why am I sharing this synchronistic experience with you?

To encourage you pay more attention to yours!!!!

I truly believe moments and experiences like these, big and most often small, are little “winks” from the Divine.

Although BIG anachronistic moments are amazing, little ones are even more important because they happen all the time and can be easy to miss. An example of a little “synchro” moment might be one of those times when you suddenly decide to call someone you rarely reach out to, only to discover they were just thinking of you right then.

Such “coincidences in time” remind us that we are on-track, regardless of the circumstance, or difficulty, or joy of the moment! This Divine support can be comforting and help us trust deeper while we keep moving forward.

Stay tuned for your next magical synchronicity!