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The Awakening Process

Awakening refers to the process of waking up from being programmed by society. We begin to realize the meaning of freedom, peace of mind, and happiness in daily living. Once you have freed yourself, it is challenging to go back to the norm. I have experienced many phases, layers and stages in my own Awakening Process. It has been an incredible journey, offering some challenges and many joys – as I imagine yours has for you too.

The Higher Self

The Awakening Process is about the discovery of “Self Realization”, the “Ascension Process”, or “Kundalini Awakening”. These are transformative processes because we wake up from our sense of limitation – the lack of – and separate into the realization of our “Higher Self”.

The term that describes the realization of one’s “Higher Self” varies throughout different cultures. Some examples of these terms are:

  • Ground of Being
  • Ultimate Reality
  • God
  • Truth Self with a capital “S”
  • All that IS
  • Source
  • Higher Power
  • The Universe

The Individual Awakening Process

The Awakening Process is not the same for everyone. Some may have experienced it at a young age, while others embark on the journey later in life.

Below is a list of resources that will help you understand your own Journey to Awakening. These resources may help you discover what you have to offer and understand what you are going through.

You may find that your specific journey or “Awakening Process” is not be fully recognized in any of these resources, but you can still use them as a guide for your self-study. Whatever your journey, we are here to help you become the person you visualize yourself to be.

This is a guideline for you to do independent research. If you are a coach or holistic practitioner, the list provided is a guideline and a resource to share with clients.

  1. Buddha at the Gas Pump
  2. Conscious TV
  3. Earthing
  4. Insight Timer
  5. Science and Nonduality Site
  6. Thomas Huebl
  7. Adyashanti
  8. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations Podcast
  9. The Kundalini Process

Our intention is for this Resource Guide to evolve! We welcome your contributions to the development of this Resource List! If you have any recommendations, send them to us!