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High Vibe Success Key #1: Cultivate Higher Self Alignment

High Vibe Success is the natural outcome of choosing Higher Self Alignment, a choice we can make every moment.

Cultivate Higher Self Alignment

Ask yourself this question: If I were completely in alignment with my Higher Self or Inner Wisdom Source, what would I do today to keep me moving in the direction of success?

As practitioners, coaches, and healers we are instruments of transformation, sparks of light in human form here to ignite that spark in others. Whether we are aware of it or not, actions that arise from Higher Self Alignment are what lead to the most transformational and successful results for our clients and prosperous businesses.

This blog post is the first in a series of High Vibe Success & Freedom Keys that were first shared in video format last spring. Discovered over decades, these keys ultimately open floodgates to true and fulfilling success both personally and professionally. I offer today’s key as a reminder of what matters most. Key #1: Cultivate Higher Self Alignment reminds us that Alignment needs to be constantly cultivated daily.

It’s so easy to get off track!

How does it feel to be out of alignment? 

I once heard someone share this metaphor and I loved that it describes how easy it is to find yourself out of alignment.

Imagine yourself at the beach, setting up your spot with your towel and picnic basket, and then wading into the warm ocean. You relax, float, and swim in the salty waters, not paying much attention to where you are concerning your spot on the beach.

Time passes. You hear a shout in the distance and look up to see what is happening and realize you have drifted hundreds of feet down the beach without being aware that you’ve done so. As can often happen in life, it is easy to find ourselves somewhere we weren’t planning or expecting to be when we are not consistently checking for Higher Self Alignment.

The good news is that as soon as you realize you are a bit (or a lot) off track you can do something about it.

Finding success through Higher Alignment

Making and maintaining Higher Alignment is the Great Mother of all High Vibe Success Keys!

How do you measure or define success? It is common to think of success as a result, desired outcome, or external accomplishment. The dictionary defines success simply as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. To be successful means something different to everyone and is usually related to a specific area of our lives. It constantly changes, as we do. Success can also be just as much about states of consciousness. Peace of mind and living in a state of inherent well-being, independent of what’s being accomplished in the world, is an essential form of success.

In my experience, true and fulfilling SUCCESS in business (and in life) is first, and always first, the result of ongoing cultivation of alignment with my Higher Self or Soul. For many years I was the founding leader of a spirituality and rites of passage youth organization called Maiden Spirit. The very first teaching in the 4 years of the curriculum was called The REAL YOU. It is a teaching that help the girls learn to turn within to cultivate Higher Self Alignment, connection, and conversation with an inner source of knowledge. With that being said, this primary life navigation and creation skill is not only for children.

Whatever word you use to describe your Wisdom Source, this is the Real You. It is capable of transcending habitual unwanted patterns, and FREE to access fresh and innovative inspiration and ideas. When in alignment we find ourselves doing what we know we are meant to do in every moment and the world reflects the value in every area of our lives.

How to achieve Higher Alignment

Higher Self aligned outcomes arise from an inner state of consciousness and direct access to a Source of intuitive knowing and guidance.

High Vibe Success is the natural outcome of choosing Higher Self Alignment, a choice we can make at every moment. Consistent pursuit of Higher Self Alignment is a key that cannot be over-emphasized. It opens the door for you to shift out of autopilot, remember the truth of who you are, and take action from inspired guidance.

When I begin a Soul Stream Transformation Journey with a new client, we explore their Soul Stream Life Map and identify desired outcomes for our work together. Before we can begin the work of clearing what’s in the way of those outcomes, we spend time practicing Conscious Alignment. Cultivating this skill will help them more quickly identify when they have drifted too far from the center, too far from Higher Self, too far from their spot on the beach.

How do you know when you (or your client) are IN or OUT of alignment?

One of the Coaches in the Soul Stream Method Certification program described being in (and out of) alignment like this:

When in alignment my body is in a state of ease, I feel energetic but calm. I feel a sense of trust and flow. I tend to stay in the present more easily, I feel useful and curious – I love to learn, ponder and express. My body likes to move (exercise, dance, etc). I love sharing my internal experience and I enjoy being in my head – it’s like my soul is amused and enjoying the company of my “human” self.

I usually get out of alignment when old habitual or conditioned patterns seem to “hijack” me and I do or say something that isn’t coming from the soul. Often this is when fear of being judged is present. I feel tight and tense, my mind starts to loop over and over what I “should” have done (my mind also wants me to be in alignment but the guilt and looping aren’t very helpful!). As far as activities go, I tend to procrastinate and distract myself when I’m in that state. I very regularly get migraines when I’m out of alignment, which seems to be a combination of the tension and maybe my body trying to help me by “pulling me out” of whatever I’m doing?”

How do I know when I (or my client) am IN or OUT of alignment?

I’ve been meditating, contemplating, and journaling my way to Higher Self Alignment and High Vibe Success for over four decades. This is how I do it.

I often get up extra early for my alignment practice because I consider it to be the most important part of my day. I start with coffee or a matcha green tea, and maybe read something inspiring or listen to some music. Sometimes I meditate. Then I pull out my journal and begin a conversation with my Higher Self. Journaling often begins with a bit of mental detox from whatever has not been processed from the day before. Once I relax into more of a flow state, I might write to my Higher Self for a Q & A session inspired by my mom (aka Mother Love/Grandmother Shirley). She called this journal writing practice her ‘Q & A with God’.

Accessing higher alignment through journaling

Below are some of my favorite journal writing prompts for you to consider.

Dear Higher Self,

Q) What do I need to know or do about _______?

Example: What do I need to know about a specific client in our next session? What do I need to do to get back into my creative joy flow bubble of High Vibe living?

A) Tune in and stream-of-consciousness write from a Higher Self perspective.

Q) How much should I charge for my next program or service?

Sometimes the answer doesn’t come right away so I might write… Well, If I did know, what would it be?

A) Tune in and stream-of-consciousness write from a Higher Self perspective.

Q) If I were completely in alignment, what would I do today?

I might answer repeatedly until I feel I’ve arrived at the most Soul Aligned guidance for the day.

A) Tune in and stream-of-consciousness write from a Higher Self perspective.

Higher Self Alignment leads to…Higher Self Guidance

Higher Self Guidance leads to…Self-Aligned Actions…

which leads to…High Vibe Success!

Alignment is SO important! I hope you found this blog post to be a helpful reminder and process to use for yourself and with your clients. I cultivate Higher Self Alignment throughout the day, every day.

How will you cultivate your Higher Self Alignment and commune with the Wise One within this week? How might you encourage others to do the same?

See Wise One Within Drawings from girls who participated in the Maiden Spirit program below.