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An evolution of love and possibility

Love is the real power. It’s the energy that cherishes. The more you work with that energy, the more you will see how people respond naturally to it, and the more you will want to use it. It brings out your creativity and helps everyone around you flower. Your children, the people you work with – everyone blooms – everyone blooms! – Marion Woodman

If you are new to my world, some of my expertise comes from training as a third generation Numerologist. My wonderful Mom (Grandmother Shirley) was my primary mentor and is still a guiding presence. The “9 Number Archetypes & Pathways of the Soul” Teachings provide the life mapping system I use with my clients. I also teach practitioners, coaches, and healers to use this system with their clients. It is a profound resource for framing, gaining, and maintaining cosmic perspective in the mundane struggles and joys of everyday life. I draw from this body of knowledge and you will find my intuitive reading of the New Year energy in the Numerological forecast for 2022 below.


The prediction is that 2022 will be a Archetype Number “6” Year: Evolution of Love and Possibility in the Heart of Humanity. Knowing the archetypal energies at play in 2022 can help us consciously align with the most positive potential this cycle change offers. Simply put, Archetype Number “6” invites us onto the path of HEART in new ways.

We have the potential to become more potent instruments of LOVE. We have the choice to dedicate ourselves to igniting our human capacity for healing and evolution. If we choose to do the inner work required to uncover unconscious obstructions to love in ourselves, healing wounds of separation, we can create openings for the deeper truth of our shared humanity and interconnectivity to be realized in energetic and tangible ways.

Or not. There is also potential to become even more disconnected and divided.


When we align with the energy of Archetype Number “6” we can see the people and events in our lives in a different light. They become learning opportunities to practice love and service. In most spiritual traditions the heart of the Divine (whatever you conceive it to be) is honored as the center of the natural world and as the center of every human being. Devotion to the sacred path of HEART can be a richly mystical experience, liberating us from the contracted energies of separation and opens our human potential to experience unity consciousness. The intuitive “eye of the heart” will be more fully awakened as we consciously walk the path of HEART guided by love’s perspective.


The Presence of LOVE is always here when the heart is open to give and receive it. Love is a field of divine energy, both radiant and magnetic, reaching out and drawing in. It is the energetic essence of who we are.

Every day of the year ahead we will be invited to choose the path of HEART. Notice what it feels like to be in the presence of love. For me, it feels comforting, rejuvenating, and warm. It feels like a blessing.

Now, ask yourself, how you can open up to give and receive more of this feeling in practical, tangible ways.


Become a clear prism for love’s rainbow of capacities. You can be a conduit of joy, kindness, gentleness, compassion, sensitivity and empathy. Embodying love means having respect for feelings and needs (your own as well as those of others) even in light of our differences to shine into the heart of the world.

When you do so, you naturally generate a criticism- and judgment-free space. Those who come into your presence will feel safe to become less defensive and more open hearted. Whenever you give or receive a welcoming energy you contribute to the healing of the heart of the world.


2022 invites you to include yourself in the scope of your care, to provide yourself with renewed self-respect and devotion. Take some time to consider how you will express love and respect, in attunement with the needs of the various layers of your humanness. Think about your physical body, your inner light, energy, intelligence, emotional, and relational fields. Include what you discover in your New Year Intentions.


The way I work with New Year Intention, goal, and resolution setting is a little different than some. It feels more like tuning into a river of an energetic creative momentum in subtle realms that is in motion long before concrete details come into conscious awareness.

The clarity required to set Soul Aligned intentions, resolutions, and goals may come in a flash but in my experience this is rare. More often clarity comes like the sunrise, slowly dawning into awareness during the entire month of January and sometimes even beyond.

Below you will find some “Higher Self” or “Soul” inquiry questions. They could be used to inspire heart opening contemplations or as journal prompts for tuning into heart expanding intentions for 2022.

Be patient, trust the process of creative envisioning. Allow all the time and space needed for your New Year intentions, resolutions and goals to reveal themselves to you. Gift yourself ways to explore what evolving on the path of HEART could mean for you in your relationships with self, others, life and the Divine.


  • What would it look like to be a force of love in this moment, this situation, with this person? What does love perceive? Is there a natural impulse to take a love inspired action? What is it?
  • What might it look like to be an instrument of kindness and care as I move through my day? What are some real and tangible ways I can do this today?
  • Where, and to whom, have I closed my heart with impatience, intolerance, or resistance that is interfering with my own well-being?
  • Are there relationships and situations where I can set my heart free by being more inclusive, patient, kind, tolerant, or compassionate?
  • Where is my heart longing to give and receive reconciliation, understanding, and forgiveness?
  • How will I choose to relate to difficult people in my life, to those who have said or done things that were hurtful to me?
  • How might I create greater intimacy in the world of pandemic concern and division? How will I choose to navigate the relational field moving forward?
  • What does it mean to be of service? How does this apply to me personally? Where can I lend a helping hand, nurture, educate, protect or work towards justice? 
  • What am I unconsciously devoted to and what do I want to be devoted to instead?


  • Cultivate friendships, projects, and activities that spark your heart.
  • Weave the golden thread of gratitude through everything you do, especially when it involves an encounter with another being.
  • When holding onto resentment that you want to let go, imagine driving through a “Violet Flame of Forgiveness Car Wash” like the one I saw in my dreams recently.


I wish you a 2022 journey illuminated by love, with choices informed by HEART vision.

May it be an amazing full-on “YES” to a year filled with giving and receiving. Let 2022 be filled with kindness, compassion and increased respect for yourself and all beings in all realms.

Let your soul-aligned heart expression manifest and contribute to the evolution of the Soul of Humanity. The creation of a more truly humane, wholesome, and sustainable world starts with you.